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Upcoming Race: RD6 86.96 Retro SX

Sunday, December 04, 2022 8:00 PM CST

RD6 86.96 Retro SX

Omaha, NE

We are back for our final double header this Sunday! A Sunday double feature will wrap up our 86.96 Retro SX league with our sixth and final round. 86 & 96 all lock n loaded into a single night, where all you have to do is hire your 6 rider team, sit back & enjoy the evening as we step back into the past for one final time.

We are coming at you with two guns a blazing this Sunday night with RJ, MC, Bailey, Fro, Wardy, Ryno, Glover, Factory Phil, Johnny O & Larocco.

An excerpt from WE WENT FAST & their Jeremy McGrath story on 1986 St Louis, “I made a career doing the things that people thought I couldn’t,” McGrath said. “I was fortunate to be good enough to where that type of race – where I got second –was a miserable race. That’s a weird thing to say.”

"McGrath dominated the ’96 season but, like any sports streak, he caught some breaks. In Seattle he rebounded from a poor start and was passed by Damon Huffman three times for the lead. Attempting a fourth pass, Huffman stalled his bike and couldn’t catch McGrath again. In Indianapolis, Jeff Emig led comfortably at the halfway point and in an unforced error, washed out in a corner. ‘What if’ talk won’t change history but can be fun for discussion. What’s certain is that McGrath was not the best supercross racer on one night in St. Louis."

"“So many things lined up wrong to go racing that day,” Norfolk says. None of the parties involved can offer a detail that specifically caused the outcome of this race, but in a season where nothing could go wrong for McGrath’s team, suddenly there was a series of minute circumstances that, in hindsight, collectively didn’t seem right. The first clue arose long before they arrived in St. Louis." Head to WEWENTFAST.com to read the rest of the story.

Follow along this Sunday night for one final time as we take a trip back into history and go bar to bar! As we follow two of the most epic seasons in all of Supercross. Our 86.96 Retro SX league wraps up this Sunday night. Six riders.3M dollar budget. Let's dial the clock back with Larry Huffman, Larry Maiers, Art Eckman & David Bailey!

Make sure to check out the Fasthouse Injury Report!

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RD5 86.96 Retro SX Doubleheader from 1986 Atlanta & 1996 Anaheim

Thursday, December 01, 2022, by Denny

Race 1 of our RD5 86.96 Retro SX randomly comes from the 1986 round 6 in Atlanta, GA. There was no video footage or even a story of the race. All we have are the results from that February 21st battle inside the now imploded Fulton County Stadium.

1986 Atlanta Supercross Results from RacerX

For Race 2, we head 10 years into the future for the 1996 Anaheim Supercross. Here's the ninety minute video from the January 26th, round 3 race inside Anaheim Stadium with Art Eckman & David Bailey.

1996 Anaheim Supercross from You Tube

1996 ...

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Recap for RD4 86.96 Retro SX

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, by Denny

There we have it. One more 86.96 Retro SX round is in the books as we wrap up a wild and crazy round 4. Both 86 Phoenix & 96 Daytona proved to be impossible to predict. As the dry & slick AZ track, along with the 30 rider Daytona field makes for true chaos when it comes to trying a 6 rider team blindly.

With that said, congratulations to BRAAAD569 who took the narrow single point RD4 win over sixfiftythree. Both teams had MC on their teams, as well as each scoring a donut with one rider. 

Crash82 rounded off the round 4 box with a similar team of MC and a single zero. Crash ...

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Race2 of RD4 86.96 Retro SX is the 1996 Daytona SX

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, by Denny

One down & one more to go on this Twofer Tuesday. Let's drop the gate on Race2 of our double header from RD4 86.96 Retro SX.

This time we head back East to the sandy beaches of Daytona, FL for round 7 of the 1996 Supercross season. Let's now turn it over to TNN's Steve Evans, who is live in Florida with Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig & Ezra Lusk at the legendary Daytona International Speedway.

I will post results from Race2 for overall RD4 86.96 Retro SX scores at 9pm CT. Until then, enjoy the show and...

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Race1 of RD4 86.96 Retro SX is the 1986 Phoenix SX

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, by Denny

It's a Twofer Tuesday! Let's drop the gate on Race1 of our double header from RD4 86.96 Retro SX. We head West to the desert & Tempe, AZ for round 11 of the 1986 Nippondenso Supercross season. Let's now turn it over to Greg Barbacovi who is live in Arizona with Rick Johnson, David Bailey & Jeff Ward at Sun Devil Stadium.

We will drop the gate on Race2 of our Tuesday night double header at 8:30pm CT. For now, enjoy the show.

1986 Phoenix Supercross

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RD4 86.96 RetroSX Cheat Sheet

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, by Denny

Here is the latest RD4 86.96 RetroSX Cheat Sheet for tonight's Twofer Tuesday double header. Use wisely for all your hiring needs.

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Mototune Australia wins RD3 86.96 RetroSX

Sunday, November 27, 2022, by Denny

Treddie912 jumps out front early with a strong 1986 Dallas team and holds on for a 4th. But it was Mototune Australia who laid down a new perfect team on the night as he takes the RD3 86.96 RetroSX victory. Superbad224 & Stg19 round off tonight's podium. 

With such a dominating performance, Mototune moves to the top of points after three rounds. Treddie912 sits 13 markers back in 2nd with Thornwood, TAB Racing & crash82 rounding off the top 5. #fantasyRetroSX

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RD3 86.96 RetroSX Doubleheader from 1986 Dallas & 1996 San Diego

Saturday, November 26, 2022, by Denny

Race 1 of our RD3 86.96 RetroSX randomly comes from the 1986 round 12 in Irving, TX. There was no video footage or even a story of the race. All we have are the results from that April 25th battle inside the old Texas Stadium.

1986 Dallas Supercross Results from RacerX

For Race 2, we jump into our Delorean with Doc and head 10 years into the future for the 1996 San Diego Supercross. Here's the forty minute video from the February 9th, round 5 race inside Jack Murphy Stadium.

1996 San Diego Supercross from You Tube

1996 San Diego Supercross Results from RacerX

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RD2 86.96 RetroSX Race2 comes from 1996 Atlanta SX

Thursday, November 17, 2022, by Denny

26 years ago the sport of Supercross witnessed one rider dominate unlike any other rider in history. 

Tonight in our 86.96 RetroSX RD2 Race2, we take a trip East of the Mississippi to Atlanta, GA for round 6 of the 1996 season. We now drop the gate on February 23rd inside the Georgia Dome with the legendary duo of Art Eckman & David Bailey.

Let's go racing. Good luck!

1996 Atlanta Supercross

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RD2 86.96 RetroSX Race1 comes from 1986 Houston

Tuesday, November 15, 2022, by Denny

The round 2 February 1st, 1986 Houston Supercross has been randomly selected for our RD2 Race1 event tonight. We are going to keep this one short and sweet. Checkout the main event from this night in the Astrodome 26 years ago. Good luck!  

Watch 1986 Houston Supercross

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86.96 Retro SX : Join for FREE

Monday, October 31, 2022, by Denny

Join the 86.96 Retro SX for FREE!

2022 is wrapping up, so we are bringing back another Retro SX game. The 1986 & 1996 are two of the most epic seasons from two incredible eras of Supercross.

Each week there will be one randomly selected race from each season, 1986 will be on Tuesday nights. While Thursday nights will be from 1996.

Each week will be a new round and another Supercross round from 1986 & 1996.

86.96 Retro SX Schedule (each race will be randomly selected)

RD1a 1986 SX Tues, Nov 8th, 9pm CT  
RD1b 1996 SX Thurs,...

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