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Upcoming Race: Daytona

Saturday, March 06, 2021 6:00 PM CST


Daytona, FL

The 50th Annual Honda Daytona Supercross at the legendary Daytona International Speedway. RD9 is presented by Racer X Illustrated as well as round 2 of the MC / ARMA Triple Crown game. The top 10 Daytona SX teams will receive a DC custom designed t-shirt specifically made for the MXD360 2021 Racer X Daytona SX game & a one year subscription to the magazine. Do NOT forget, this is also a Double Points Paying round. The overall winner of the MC / ARMA Triple Crown will win an autographed Jeremy McGrath jersey along with the ARMA Black Edition • PROKIT.

Make sure to check out the Fasthouse Injury Report!

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Friday, February 19, 2021, by Denny

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Race Recaps & Results of RD3 ZULZ RetroSX

Tuesday, March 02, 2021, by Denny

Three main events from three different decades all knocked out in about an hour. RC, Bomber & Fro all take their season wins and we move on to the round 4  finale next Tuesday night. 


1997 Indy SX
250 main at 38:22 

1997 Indianapolis SX
Courtesy of Cycle News 
by Kit Palmer

It looked as though it would be a four-way battle for the win early in the 250 main. Emig – who took the holeshot – Ward, Henry and McGrath quickly broke free from the rest of the pack as they battled each other from turn to turn.

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ZULZ Bag Co RetroSX : RD3 Races

Tuesday, March 02, 2021, by Denny

Round 2 of our ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX comes to us from an Indy double header & 1985 Atlanta. 

Results will be posted at the following times.

Moto1 7:20pm cst
Moto2 7:40pm cst
Moto3 8:00pm cst 

I​ highly suggest you check out these main events.

ZULZ RetroSX Moto1
1997 Indy SX
250 main at 38:22 

ZULZ RetroSX Moto2
2005 Indy SX
250 main at 25:16 

ZULZ RetroSX Moto3
1985 Atlanta SX
250 main events begin at 21 minute mark

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ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX : RD2 Top 10

Monday, March 01, 2021, by Denny

We were treated Saturday night, ironically enough, to a Daytona double header from 1985 & 1997  with an 05 Dallas lead in. Stewart scores his second win in a row, while Hannah & Fro pick up their first wins of the game. 

However, in the end, do the wins means as much as when one of your rider's don't even line up to race? Like Bailey & Kiedrowski at the opening round 1, I got kicked in the nuts once again but this time it was Goat Breker wearing the size 11 ball busters. 

Breker, Bowen, Ryno & once again MXKied, all missed their respective randomly ...

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ZULZ Bag Co Retro SX : RD2 Race Articles & Results

Monday, March 01, 2021, by Denny

Two Daytonas & a Dallas were randonly drawn by the MXD360 database and these are their stories & results. Four riders didnt race RD2 due to injuries. Breker & Bowen in 85 & Kiedrowski & Hughes in 97. 

RetroSX Moto 1

2005 Dallas SX on YouTube

James “Bubba” Stewart finally got his long awaited first Supercross win in the 250cc class, and he made it look almost easy.

In front of over 43,000 spectators at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, Stewart put his Jeremy Albrecht-tuned KX250 into the front right off the start, quickly opened up a...

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Retro SX : Quick RD2 Recap

Saturday, February 27, 2021, by Denny

Whew! Three motos, from three different SX seasons, spread across three decades, in about 60 minutes. Stewart owners get another lucky draw as Bubba picks up his 2nd win in as many tries despite only racing 5 races in 1997. 

While owners of Goat Breker, Keith Bowen, Mike Kiedrowski & Ryan Hughes all got shitty draws as those four riders DNS their main events in our RetroSX RD2. 

Here's a breakdown of the team results as they happened throughout the three main events with the final standings for tonight on the right. 

Broken Spoke takes the win tonight with 120...

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ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX : RD2 Races

Saturday, February 27, 2021, by Denny

RD2 of the ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX game are the following races. Once again, each main event will make up 1 of the three motos in round 2. Race recaps of the three races coming up later tonight. Or follow us on our MotoXDream360 Facebook group page.

And as you can see, two of the three tonight come from Daytona. The MXD360 database has a bizare sense of humor apparently.

2005 Dallas SX

1997 Daytona SX

1985 Daytona SX

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ZULZ Bag Co 85.05.97 Retro SX : RD1

Saturday, February 27, 2021, by Denny

Heading into tonight's RD2 of our ZULZ Bag Co Retro SX game, the Red State Assholes will be carrying the Red Plate. The RSA's hired a near perfect team of 6 at the opening round as they scored an incredible 123 points.

Led by Lechien's win at the 1985 Seattle2 & Stewart's 2005 rookie season victory in Houston, Chris chose to hire 2 riders from each of the 3 eras. Many of us were fortunate with the 05 draw as Stew was low cost but also high risk due to some rookie mistakes and injuries. Which forced the 259 to miss alot of his first season in the premier class. 2005...

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Storm Lake Honda 2021SX : Butchy's BBQ Orlando2 Top 10

Friday, February 26, 2021, by Denny

I want to congratulate and remind everyone of our top 10 team managers from last Saturday nights Butchy's BBQ Orlando2.

It's actually 11 & normally we use the 450 tiebreaker but we gotta spread the love of the barbeque sauce. 

I have to go thru the box the great folks at Butchy's sent us & figure out exactly what everyone's getting. But if your name is on this list, keep an eye out for an email asking for your shipping address.

And please support ButchysBBQ.com! Nice work everyone. 

MXD360 Facebook Page

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