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Upcoming Race: RD13 MXGP of Spain

Sunday, October 17, 2021 6:00 AM CST

RD13 MXGP of Spain

New York, NY

I googled, "History of MXGP of Spain" & this is what came up. Courtesy of Geoff Meyer & MXGP.com, "Spanish motocross has very much a special place in the hearts of motocross fans worldwide. From that very first Grand Prix held at the Ruta circuit in 1962 and won by British rider Arthur Lampkin, until last year’s event at the Talavera de la Reina circuit won by Antonio Cairoli, we have seen many historical events. Of course the Sabadell circuit on the outskirts of Barcelona was a stronghold for the 250cc class in the late 1960’s and until the early 1980’s, and many legendary moments occurred at that circuit. Wins by names like Joel Robert, Dave Bickers, Torsten Hallman, Guennady Moiseev, Harry Everts, Heikki Mikkola and Georges Jobe. None though were more important than the victory in 1973 by American Jim Pomeroy. On that dusty day in Spain the Bultaco rider became the first American to ever win a Grand Prix. Many more would follow, but Pomeroy still holds a special place in the hearts of the Grand Prix faithful’s. Nearly 20 years later Team USA arrived at the Jerez circuit in the south of Spain and put on one of the most dominating performances in Motocross of Nations history. Led by Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath, and with support from Jeff Emig and Steve Lamson the American riders went undefeated. At the time Joel Smets another legend of the sport complained that the circuit was too supercross styled, but nothing could take it away from Team USA, who had come back from being beaten by Team Great Britain in 1994 and Team Belgium in 1995. In 2003 another Motocross of Nations was held in Spain, this time at the Bellpuig circuit, and it was Team Italy won with Andrea Bartolini, Alex Puzar and Alessio Chiodi. Another brilliant moment in Spanish motocross was the performance by Stefan Everts at the Bellpuig circuit in the north of Spain in 2001. Having spent two years on the injury list, and many saying his fine career was more or less over Everts took victory in one of his greatest moments, in a career filled with brilliance. Beating home Joel Smets and Marnicq Bervoets and starting a second part of his illustrious career, Everts would go on to win motocross world championships in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, one of the most dominant runs in GP history. For many British fans the 2000 Grand Prix of Spain, held at the Talavera circuit was a special moment. It was the arrival of Irelands Gordon Crockard. The Honda backed rider put together 1-4 results for his first GP victory, and it would lead to him becoming a serious contender in 2001, winning another two GP’s and finishing third in the world."

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Frodaddy 21MXGP Top 10 after RD12

Friday, October 15, 2021, by Denny

The top 10 teams after 12 rounds of our Frodaddy 21MXGP game. MX591 won our first series ever, took home the Storm Lake Honda Z50 & is now holding a 40 point advantage over mototune australia in the battle for World supremacy & the Fro autographed Shift kit.

With 6 rounds of racing remaining on the calendar, there's nearly 600 points still up for grabs. Can David & his MX591 hold on for the title? Does mototune's Matt make a run to the top? Or how about one of the other 8 top 10 teams going after the Crown & the Grand Prize?

I'm up to 7th & despite not...

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RD13 MXGP of Spain Cheat Sheet

Thursday, October 14, 2021, by Denny

RD13 MXGP of Spain easy reference list of race by race result points & salary to help simplify your 6 rider hiring process. If you're not already playing, get in on these final 6 rounds of World dirt bike racing.

One can only watch so much football. Our Frodaddy 21MXGP game is FREE! #fantasymxgp 

1st-25, 2nd-22, 3rd-20, 4th-18, 5th-16, 6th-15, 7th-14, 8th-13, 9th-12, 10th-11, 11th-10, 12th-9, 13th-8, 14th-7, 15th-6, 16th-5, 17th-4, 18th-3, 19th-2, 20th-1.

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Join for FREE : 21MXGP Frodaddy 450 World Championship

Friday, June 04, 2021, by Denny

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We are dopping the gate on MXD360's very first FIM World Championship game & best of all it's FREE.  Thanks to my long time friend and PAL, Jeff Emig, we have a one of kind Grand Prize from the American legend. The 21MXGP Frodaddy 450 World Championship kicks off June 13th in Orlyonok with the MXGP of Russia. And come the December 5th Indonesian Grand Prix Finale, we will be giving away an autographed set of Fro SHIFT gear courtesy of 1992 125 & 1996 /97 250...

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21MXDN Moto 3 : MXGP & Open (FINAL)

Sunday, September 26, 2021, by Denny

The heck with Italy, congratulations to Galagaonmyarm (Christopher Firth) & kdart (Kipp Davis) for their 1st & 2nd place performances! These two will take home an autographed FOX kit from two American legends MXdN Champions, Ricky Carmichael & Ryan Hughes

I'm still waiting on the Ryno package but it should be here early this week. And hell, for 3rd, Tim Troxell will receive an autographed Stephenson jersey for his podium performance. He won a handful of Dash for Cash titles I heard. Haha

What a great weekend of racing & alot of fun in our inaugural Motocross...

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21MXDN Moto 2 : MX2 & Open

Sunday, September 26, 2021, by Denny

Our 21MXDN Top 11 after Moto 2 (MX2 / Open).

Herlings wins by nearly a minute as he took the #1 gate. If I had to guess, it's going to come down to these top 5 teams below. 

Then again, the winner could be the team who has all 450 riders w 9 yet to race in this third and final moto. Remember, top 2 win autographed gear from RC & Ryno! #fantasymxdn

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21MXDN Moto 1 : MXGP & MX2

Sunday, September 26, 2021, by Denny

21MXDN Moto 1 Results are posted. FYI, the game is worth double points which doesn't affect anything other than giving it more value in our year long final point standings and 2022 numbers. It's the MXD, it needed to have some increased value! 😂💯💪

PitMX out front and running after the 1st moto chaos.

Both Coldenhoff and Cairoli down in the first turn to place 15th & 21st. Nagl pulls off and DNFs. A dam 250 finishes 2nd w Vialle. TKO & Tonus show up for the first time all season. A Russian & a Latvian go 7-10. The World continues to make no sense!

Moto 2 with...

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Herlings Wins Open Qualifier

Saturday, September 25, 2021, by Denny

The final Open Qualifier of the day was by far the most entertaining of the three. The gate must have jumped or something because alot of riders hesitated and got very poor starts. Herlings, Lupino & Simpson all started from the back.

Herlings did exactly what we expected as he hit the first split in 19th and then slowly worked his way thru the pack. Riding much more aggressive than A.C., who earlier also had to ride thru the pack, the Bullet chased Jasikonis for a handful of laps before laying down the hammer to take the win by nearly 5 seconds over the German Jacobi. 


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Vialle Wins MX2 Qualifier

Saturday, September 25, 2021, by Denny

It was Vialle out front early as he dominated the MX2 Qualifier. As they say, the MX2 riders will be the determining factor in the overall results tomorrow once the classes are combined. 

Vialle, Mewse & Guadagnini all ran top 5 & have their countries tied atop the standings w 5pts. While I've said, Van De Moosdijik is going to be the weak link for the Netherlands.

His 9th in the quaifier, after a midpack start, is going to prove to be a challenge for the reigning 2019 MXdN Champions. Altho w Herlings all but guaranteed a perfect 1-1 tomorrow, things could even out.

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