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Current Race: RD4 of 07-10 RetroMX

Monday, May 10, 2021 8:00 PM CST

RD4 of 07-10 RetroMX

The round 4 07.10 RetroMX finale is upon us. With three races down, the single biggesf question remains, to RC & Stew or to not RC & Stew? The two Hall of Famers have scored a perfect 282 points. However, Carmichael only scores near perfect points in 3 of the remaining 9 races to be chosen from. While James big points window is almost as narrow. I never imagined the first three rounds would all be RC / Stew rounds. This one choice as well as the usual luck of the draw could change the entire game as we wrap up the 07.10 RetroMX. Good luck!

Make sure to check out the Fasthouse Injury Report!

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Finale RD4 07.10 RetroMX • 07 Freestone & 10 Millville

Monday, May 10, 2021, by Denny

With a little research I found a brief recap for both classes. Unfortunately tho, the luck of the draw for both RC & Stewart ran out for the RD4 Finale. Round 11 from the 2007 Nationals was drawn which means Ricky was well into retirement while Bubba had blown his knee out in the second moto at Washougal. 

On the other hand, this also means results for riders like Langston, Alessi, Ferry & Windham got bumped up two spots as they all now believed they had a shot at the title. Its really crazy to see how differently all these riders attitudes changed once the two...

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RD3 07.10 RetroMX • 07 Washougal & 10 Budds Creek

Thursday, May 06, 2021, by Denny

RD3 has landed! Not sure why it's so dam difficult to find old written race recaps on some of these Retro races, but I was unable to find anything other than the full YouTube videos of both races. And I didn't get a chance to watch either race to write up anything. 

All I do know is this, the luck of the draw for RC & Stew continues with the round 5 2007 Budds Creek. Canard destroyed everyone with 1-1 results at the 2010 Washougal, which is a race that ALWAYS has some wacky results. And if you hired Tickle, Hahn, Milsaps or Summey, expect some donuts on your scorecard.

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Graphic Artist Corey Lynch SLC1 Top 10

Thursday, April 29, 2021, by Denny

Without further ado. The sponsor from SLC1, I obviously posted on MXD360, but didn't go into detail. However these 10 teams are gonna be pumped on it.

Graphic artist Corey Lynch is going to do an incredible custom designed work for each of the top 10 teams of one of your helmets or favorite rider's lid and your team name. A $150 value for each of the top 10. 

Congratulations to Bryan Cournoyer and the entire top 10! Thank you guys for your patience and for playing MXD360.

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SLC2 250 E/W Shootout Cheat Sheet

Thursday, April 29, 2021, by Denny

Here's an easy look at this weekend's 250 E/W Shootout salary list. With such a long list of viable riders, this is a nice a little cheat sheet to refer too during the hiring process. This comes pretty directly off the AMA entry list which is around 21 or 22 from each region. (*Thrasher & Robertson will NOT be racing.)

Remember, there's each an East and West qualifier. Which basically means, if they're not a top 11 main event rider, they're headed to the LCQ. In other words, that's a really lucky deal for the East riders. This reflects in the salaries for...

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Final 21SX MC / ARMA Sport Triple Crown Top 20

Saturday, April 17, 2021, by Denny

Here are the final MC / ARMA Sport Triple Crown standings. Congratulations to Rodney May & his RLM Motorsports as he is our Triple Crown Champion and will win the autographed Jeremy McGrath jersey & ARMA Sport PROKIT product package.

Tricia Vohden & her Treddie912 just barely missed out on the win by a scant 2pts. And the final Triple Crown winner, Kipp Davis & his kdart finishes 3rd and mere 6pts back. 

What a close & competitive game within the game it turned out to be. I hope everyone enjoyed it & had some fun chasing the McGrath jersey. Thank your to...

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Storm Lake Honda 21SX : The Battle Rages On

Saturday, April 17, 2021, by Denny

The chase for the 2021 TiLube / Storm Lake Honda CR250 replica team race bike continues. 

Just check out these points! Somehow after 14 rounds of racing, only 60 points still separates the top 10 teams. EVANS824 survived the Triple Crown double points Tuesday night at ATL2 and continues to lead former points leader TD248 by 16. 

With only three races remaining, is it time to start taking some risks or do you stick with what you hope are the sure bets? But seriously, are there really any sure bets from race to race? 😂

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RD5 The Ultimate Dozen : Head2Head Battle Royale

Friday, April 16, 2021, by Denny

What a crazy busy week of racing! Tuesday night was ATL2 obviously. Along with the final Triple Crown round, RD4 of the Head2Head Battle Royale & opening Race1 of our final 4-Pack. So I decide to add RD2 of 07.10 RetroMX last night. I'm a glutton for punishment. 😂 I love this shit. 

So with that said, here are the Match-Ups for tomorrow nights ATL3 RD5 of our Head2Head. We are down from 64 teams to the Ultimate Dozen. 12 teams still fighting for the title of Battle Royale Champion.

 Considering how bad I am at Retro & SX Survivor, I'm not sure how I'm...

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RD2 07.10 RetroMX : 2007 RedBud 450

Thursday, April 15, 2021, by Denny

RD2 of the 07.10 RetroMX rolls on with the 2007 RedBud 450 National. The duo of Carmichael & Stewart caught another good draw with RedBud. Which means if you pulled the trigger on the two Hall of Famers, nice work. If you were afraid to take the chance for the second round in a row, you just dug an awfully deep hole in your chase for the title.

2007 RedBud 450 MXA recap

Full RedBud 450 video

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