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Upcoming Race: RD5 MXGP of Czech Repuplic

Sunday, July 25, 2021 6:00 AM CST

RD5 MXGP of Czech Repuplic

New York, NY

Round 5 of our Frodaddy 21MXGP game takes place in the Czech Republic at the historic Loket MX. The Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, or Czechia as it is now labelled, has a rich history. The circuit may not be the most spectacular or enjoyable on the FIM Motocross World Championship calendar, but countless memorable moments have unravelled on the hard-pack hillside over the years. Loket was created in 1973, altho the history books are really being cracked open at the 2005 Grand Prix. Kevin Strijbos was an exciting young prospect at this point, which puts the amount of time that has passed into perspective. Strijbos, who rode for the same Suzuki World MXGP at the time, endured an injury-riddled campaign in 2005, but returned at the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. Although Strijbos had a difficult season thus far, he turned things around at Loket and burst into the limelight. A fourth in the first moto was an improvement, as he had not finished that high up since the final event the year before, but he then blew everyone away with a heroic ride in the second encounter. Strijbos moved past Josh Coppins on lap fifteen of twenty to record his maiden moto win and then stood atop the podium for the first time in his career. It is also worth noting that Christophe Pourcel claimed the first moto win of his career in MX2 on the same day.

Make sure to check out the Fasthouse Injury Report!

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Frodaddy RD4 MXGP of Netherlands : Cheat Sheet

Friday, July 16, 2021, by Denny

Don't forget to get your Frodaddy RD4 MXGP of Netherlands 6 rider team hired sooner than later. Even if you missed a round, get that team going. You can access your MXGP hiring page in your Pit Area.

It's a 19 round season, plenty of points to make up. Lockout is Sunday at 6am CT which is when the gate drops on the 1st 450 moto. 

You can find qualifying results at MXGP.com/results. And you can watch both the MX2 and MXGP 2nd motos on CBS Sports beginning at 11am CT on Sunday as well.

Here's even a nice little MXGP Cheat Sheet to help streamline getting your team ...

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The Top 10s from 21MX & 21MXGP

Thursday, July 15, 2021, by Denny

Top 10 for our 21MX RC Mobile Office & Storage and 21MXGP Frodaddy games.

We have a new Red Plate holder in MX as Stroker15 nearly puts up a perfect team at the Wick while points leader TEZUKA gets KOd by Coty Schock's double zeroes.

Meanwhile LuigiXX will carry the MXGP Red Plate into the Netherlands on Sunday.


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RC Mobile Office & Storage : Southwick $PPV

Tuesday, July 13, 2021, by Denny

Some new stats! The Dollar Per Point Value from Southwick. First time I've done this for a race this season. I just took the points from the race against their salary to achieve this number. We've showed it before but first time for MX this year I knocked it out.

I always want to help the game for everyone when I can. If I take the time to figure it out for myself, I will always post it here for everyone to check too. And my Wick team sucked arse haha So I wanted to check the numbers out. This is each riders points against their salary. Basically, which riders are providing the...

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RC Mobile Office & Storage : RD4 Top 10 & Red Plate

Thursday, July 08, 2021, by Denny

As we hit the one third point in our 12 round RC Mobile Office & Storage Pro MX game. Out front and running strong as he continues to carry the Red Plate, TEZUKA now has a 33 point lead over Stroker15 & TheWeapons, who are tied at 2nd with 894 points.

The most impressive part of TEZUKA's points lead is his three round run of consecutive top 10 finishes. A 7th in Lakewood. Followed by a 5th at High Point. Wrapping up a Independence day weekend 10th at RedBud. 

Its difficult to imagine this type of run continuing in the unpredictable chaos of ...

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Join for FREE : 21MXGP Frodaddy 450 World Championship

Friday, June 04, 2021, by Denny

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We are dopping the gate on MXD360's very first FIM World Championship game & best of all it's FREE.  Thanks to my long time friend and PAL, Jeff Emig, we have a one of kind Grand Prize from the American legend. The 21MXGP Frodaddy 450 World Championship kicks off June 13th in Orlyonok with the MXGP of Russia. And come the December 5th Indonesian Grand Prix Finale, we will be giving away an autographed set of Fro SHIFT gear courtesy of 1992 125 & 1996 /97 250...

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Get signed up for our 2021 RC Mobile Office & Storage Pro Motocross

Sunday, May 23, 2021, by Denny

Click here to JOIN NOW!

The outdoors have finally arrived and we want to welcome to the 2021 RC Mobile Office & Storage Pro Motocross game. We're going to try something different this summer. Rather than material prizes, we're going straight cheddar for each race & the overall for the series. The top 3 of each round will win 100, 50 & 25. While the top 3 for the season will take home 1000, 500 & 250

This all comes courtesy from our friends at Omaha's RC Mobile Office & Storage. RC Mobile delivers secure & customized temporary...

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RC Mobile Office & Storage : RD2 Top 10 & Red Plate

Friday, June 18, 2021, by Denny

Dwayne & his DW Racing continue to lead the RC Mobile Office & Storage MX points & carry the Red Plate after his round 1 Pala victory. But its a log jam of teams ready to pounce tomorrow at RD3 High Point.

Will the rains hold off or will it be another classic Mt Morris mudder? If it's anything like the torrential downpour of 1997, this single round could change the entire series in both fantasy and reality. No pressure Dwayne. #fantasyMX #MXD360


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Hammaker & Anderson Out for Lakewood

Friday, June 04, 2021, by Denny

In case you haven't heard, in addition to Cameron MaAdoo's torn ACL he suffered at the Pala opener, his PC teammate, Seth Hammaker is out for RD2 Lakewood with an undisclosed illness. Many seem to think it could be another bout of Epsteins Barr which is something Seth has dealt with in the past. There was timeframe to return given for the rookie.

Now you can add Jason Anderson to the injury list. Jason suffered a broken chain while practicing this week and broke his hand as well as knocked some teeth out. He said 6 to 8 weeks but insisted he would be back before the end of the ...

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RD1 Pala Top 10 : RC Mobile Office & Storage

Wednesday, June 02, 2021, by Denny

Great work on your victory Dwayne Williams! And congratulations to the top 10 teams from yesterday's RC Mobile Office & Storage Pala RD1. There's nothing like the opening round of a series. 

Every rider feels like this is their moment to shine. Then as the races go on, everyone begins to settle in to their respective places on the track where they feel they belong. 

The fire always burns the strongest as a collective whole at the first race. 100, 50 & 25 to the top 3 teams. 

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