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Regular Season Rules

  • One 8 rider team, 4 250 riders, 4 450 riders
  • All 8 riders must fit under the $3.5 million salary cap. If you go big in the 450, you won't have much budget left for the 250. Or the other way around. So spend wisely.
  • The salary of a rider WILL CHANGE for each round. Their weekly results will help determine their salary for the following round.
  • Simply click on the rider you want and their salary is automatically added, giving you the total and how much you have left to spend.
  • You cannot hire riders two races in a row. Example, you hire Tomac and Ferrandis for RD1, you cant select them again until RD3. Basically, once you pick a rider, they will not be availble the next race. So decide on a strategy.
  • Both motos of each class are scored and added to your teams overall scores. Only motos count, not the overall results for that day.
  • Riders listed in Red are considered HOT riders. A HOT rider will receive a 10pt bonus if he finishes inside the top 10. Example, an 8th place moto finish is worth 13pts, however if the rider is HOT, he will receive 23pts for that moto.
  • Any ties in the game will be broken by the final 450 moto score from the most recent race. The team manager with the highest final 450 moto score will win. If still tied, it will fall back to the next 450 moto score.
  • All tie-breakers are subject to review and final approval by the MotoXDream360 team.
  • Points earned by position:
    1st: 25
    2nd: 22
    3rd: 20
    4th: 18
    5th: 16
    6th: 15
    7th: 14
    8th: 13
    9th: 12
    10th: 11
    11th: 10
    12th: 9
    13th: 8
    14th: 7
    15th: 6
    16th: 5
    17th: 4
    18th: 3
    19th: 2
    20th: 1

Flashback Series Notes

Regular season rules apply, with the following differences:

  • Each team manager (player) hires a team of 8 riders for the entire week (round) of 3 races. Monday night is a random race from 1990. Wednesday night is a random race from 1991. Friday night is a random race from 1992.
  • Your selected team of 8 will apply through all three of these races for each round (week).
  • Once the Monday night race begins, hiring is locked out and you cannot change your team for that round.
  • At the end of each round, you will be able to hire a new team of 8 riders for the next round of 3 races.

Pre-Season Series Notes

Regular season rules apply, with the following differences:

I chose 8 riders but I assume the races from 17 18 and 19 are only 450 SX main events?

Yea, just the 450 mains from those 3 seasons. We entered the results for all 51 main events in our MXD360 database, and the computer randomly picks one from 2017 on Monday, 2018 on Weds and 2019 on Fri. 4 weeks (rounds) with 12 mains.

But riders like McElrath raced 250? So is it 250 and 450 mains? 

Just 450. McElrath raced Daytona once and got an 11th. So he's included in the 450 points. And Oz only raced 450 in 2019, so that's the only season he will score points in. Basically Friday night's. No, 21SX Preseason is just 450 riders and races.

If so, do riders like Osborne count in both? IE he raced 250 in 2017 and 450 in 2019?

Like above, Oz will only score points in his 450 season in 2019. No 250 points for this game.

Also, is my $3 million budget reset each week? Does left over money carry over to the following week? 

No carry over. It was something we considered but decided against it. Your $3 mill is for one week. And the team you hire will be your team for one week of races. Monday, Weds and Friday. We will reset the salary after each week to kind of represent the results as the series moves along. IE, you will have a total of four 8 rider teams to hire. Lock out will take place Monday night's at 7pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit my team after selecting my riders?

No. Your teams are saved as you add riders or make changes.



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