The rider points thru 3 races doesnt look much different than the three season totals we used to set the original salary for the 21SX Preseason game. Tomac knocks out 3 of his 24 wins he had throughout the 2017, 18 and 19 seasons for a perfect 75 points. Over those three opening races, '17 Detroit, '18 St Louis & '19 San Diego, the 20SX Champion led 57 0f 60 laps with two holeshots. Total domination. Which bumped his salary up to a cool and even million dollars.

Now we all wait to see how the draws play out for RD2 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. In 2018, Eli missed one race along with 2 DNFs & a 15th to go with his 8 wins. Let the goodtimes roll!

Sitting in 2nd is the Mr Consistent Frenchman Musquin. His 2-3-2 for 64 points perfectly represented his '17, '18 & '19 seasons where he finished in the top 3 as well. Marv was the only other rider to lead laps as he led three at the 17 Detroit opener.

Heading into RD2, Musquin has only 5 finishes outside of the top 10 of the remaining 48 main events the MXD360 database has to choose from. At $880k, I would suggest the #25 is a must hire if you didnt already sign him to a contract in RD1.

When scoring the rider points for these MXD360 21SX Preseason point standings, we include a HOT rider's bonus points when they hit the top 10. Which explains Broc Tickle currently in 3rd with 28 points. His two back to back 7th place finishes at the opening races in 17 Detroit & 18 St Louis.

Managers who hired Tickle couldnt have asked for a better round 1 as he showed why he was the #1 HOT rider coming into the game. Broc remains HOT due to still being a high risk rider but his salary increased just over $100k and will now cost ya $440k. Quick stat #1, over the '17 & '18 seasons, the #20 finished inside the top 10 seventeen times out of the 34 main events. That number now drops to 15 as the series shifts gears to RD2 Monday night.

Stat #2 : Only 6 of the 42 riders who made main events in RD1 scored points in all three races. Tomac, Musquin, Baggett, Wilson, Friese & Reed. Speaking of the #22, Reedy couldnt have possibly drew a worse three races. Two DNFs & a 5th in the swamp of San Diego were reminiscent of Bradshaw's opening round from our WeBigInc Early 90s game. No question, better days are coming for the Hall of Famer and his owners.

Stat #3 : Of the 30 top 10 spots earned over the first three races, 11 of them were filled with HOT riders. Which would explain why HOT riders nearly dominate the top 10 in points. That 10 point bonus adds up quickly in these retro games when some riders are only scoring points in one or two races in each round. And Tickle was the only rider to do it twice in RD1.

There ya have it. A quick little run down of our RD1 21SX Preseason rider point standings & salary.

21SX Preseason Top 10
RD1 : Race3 of 13

1) 75 Tomac (3) : $1,000,000
2) 64 Musquin : $880,000
3) 48 Tickle : $440,000
4) 45 Baggett : $600,000
5) 37 Anderson : $493,333
6) 34 Wilson : $453,333
7) 31 Bogle : $353,333
8) 28 Bowers : $337,333
9) 27 Stewart : $366,667
10) 26 Peick : $354,667
10) 26 Millsaps : $350,667