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February 14, 2017 12:05pm

by Jason Weigandt

The reputation proceeds Smartop/MotoConcepts Honda’s Vince Friese. As soon as he’s in a battle, the fans—and other riders—collectively brace themselves for a potential incident. Now, Vince isn’t always guilty of dirtying other riders, but he’s certainly done enough things enough times to where the die is cast, and even judgement calls never go his way.

Case in point was Anaheim 2, when he and Jason Anderson collided in a corner and Anderson blew up on him. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider took a swing at Friese’s helmet in the tunnel after the race, which resulted in an instant DQ for the night.

Was Anderson’s anger justified? What does Friese think? We let him explain his side when we caught up to him on press day in Arlington.

Racer X: Okay, let’s start here, Vince. We’ve heard a thousand opinions on what happened between you and Jason Anderson at Anaheim 2. What’s your take?
Vince Friese: I was just riding hard, man. I got pushed wide in the corner before, so I went into the next corner on the inside and tried to pivot down low, so I could get onto the next on-off and kind of fall in line behind those guys. And man, he [Anderson] just cut down so quick that I was just like a sitting duck there on the inside. I was expecting him to rail the outside. Not really his fault and not really my fault, just a racing thing. That shows you how gnarly those guys are, he had passed me and he was already thinking like “I’ve got to go pass Malcolm [Stewart] right now!” That’s awesome, but sometimes that will happen. Three or four guys go into a turn and you have the mindset of “I’ve got to go now and pass all these guys” you might have a collision with one of those guys. I don’t know what he expected me to do. Was I supposed to wait through the sand, slow down and go behind him? I just went low in the turn, I expected him to go around the outside, I’d get on the step-on step-off and fall in behind, you know? It is what it is. It happens, but when it happens to me it seems like it blows up a lot more. I get that. I deserve some of that. Maybe not all of it.

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