After 4 of the 12 races in our 21SX Preason retro game, it's Marvin Musquin's consistency with 2-3-2-1 finishes that has him atop the MXD360 point standings. Yes, we even have our own rider point standings for the retro games. Because for one, it's an easy way to see which riders been both performing & getting the fortunate end of the races drawn by our database. And for two, what rider in their right mind wouldn't want the MotoXDream360 21SX Preseason retro title on their resume? 

Just note, the HOT riders listed in Red are scored with their 10 point bonuses which would explain Broc Tickle in 3rd only 8 points behind Tomac. As Tickle has hit the bonus with three top 10 finishes. The only race he didn't score points in would be the 2019  San Diego as he was on double secret FIM probation. 

Speaking of Tomac, as much as I'd like to blame his 15th Monday night at 2017 Dallas on Elito, I think it was already safely proven to be the fault of the front brake. Or maybe having your mechanic cut the line in the pit area was something new they were testing that night. 

Either way, Tomac, Webb, Baggett & Brayton totally, utterly & completely hosed all their team managers that night in Dallas. Looking back at that night, I remember watching and thinking "WTF?!" But due to their mistakes & bad luck, it opened the door for five HOT riders to hit the top 10. Along with Tickle, Weimer, Millsaps, Bogle & Stewart finished 5th thru 10th.

Since its almost Christmas, let's wrap this up (see what I did there), with a few riders who will be getting coal in the MXD360 stockings. Chad Reed leads all the riders this Holiday season. And let's be honest, this is as much the fault of the races chosen as the 17, 18 & 19 Supercross seasons not being some of the TwoTwos best. 

But c'mon, back to back 22nd place finishes, yes I didn't miss the irony in those numbers, a 5th in the San Diego mud and a 19th. That's a whopping 20 points over 4 races. Or an average of 5 points. With an average salary of almost $368k over the first two rounds. That's a cost of over 73 thousand dollars per point. Brutal. 

While we're handing out a little festivus coal, let's finish this all up with an old Midwest friend, Justin Brayton. JB has taken a serious beating by the MXD360 database for a rider who finished the 2017 season in 12th, '18 in 5th and '19 a 10th. 

Altho, over the 4 races, Justin has placed 14th, 4th, a DNR & a DNF after getting KO'd in the first turn Monday night. That's 26 points. I won't waste your time breaking down his salary or his dollar per point, but let's just say, Brayton is costing his managers over $71k for each point. There's a Daytona victory still available in there. So let's not burn down his house in NC just yet. 

There ya have it. Three hours til we post tonight 2018 main event. Will Tomac pull off a 4th win? Can Musquin repeat and go back to back victories? Or does the 2018 SX Champ Jason Anderson finally stop on the top step of the podium? We will soon see.