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April 15, 2019 12:15pm

by Jason Weigandt

What a difference two weeks makes. During a mid-season slump, we heard (and made up) so many theories as to what was wrong with Eli Tomac that just about anything sounded believable. For a rider with his speed to be struggling so badly—while apparently not injured—it just didn’t make any sense. Maybe Eli was burned out? Done? Over it? Needed a change? Something? Anything? 

Who would have thought that he was on the verge of some bike changes, and then he would win two races in a row and look happier than we’ve seen him in quite some time. The difference between Tomac then and Tomac now—wow.

Because Denver marked his first-ever supercross in his home state, he was in an exceptionally good mood all weekend. We talked to him about it after the post-race press conference.

Racer X: Was this the most fun you’ve ever had at a race? At least up there? You seemed like you were in a great mood all weekend.
Eli Tomac: Yeah. I mean, that just got me excited!

Just the home race thing?
Just that the crowd was crazy! That did it. Yeah, the home race was sweet. Yeah, it was cool, I knew our bike would feel slower and the other guys would be floundering around with that, and it would be cold and that would probably freak people out. [Laughs] I was pumped on that! Then the night just went right. We were fast all day, fast in the last practice. It was good.

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