Led by Musquin (65pts), Webb (45) & the HOT trio of Tickle (53), Bogle (50) & Bowers (35), Joel Beatty 's BamBamm13 stood atop the podium for round 2 of our 21SX Preseason.

Joel mastered the three season retro game this past week with a mixture of riders from both the HOT & non-HOT lists. He even managed to take the win with only 7 of his riders scoring points.

With little left in the budget, Bam scrolled way down the salary list and signed McElrath for the week hoping for the perfect draw. It didn't work out, altho, in the end, it didn't matter.

Well done BamBamm13. His team also just proved, you can still pull off a weekly win with only 7 of 8 putting up points. Interesting theory. Possibly take note managers!