What a great day of racing Saturday at Millville. An incredible battle in the 250 class between Ferrandis & local boy JMart while the 450 class gave us all the drama we could handle with the points leader Osborne rolling around with a front flat, Musquin crashing and A.C. going 1-1. Ya gotta love the outdoors and it seems like Spring Creek delivers every season. Sadly I missed it this, but I will return next summer! Let's jump into some MXD360.

Congratulations to the very first winner of our public debut race and Final Four game, David Vitro and his MX591. David's key to victory was a perfectly balanced team. He was able to score a top 5 finish in both classes with 149pts & a 3rd in the 250 along with 145pts & 5th in the 450s. With only a $3.5 million salary cap, finding the fine line will always prove to be difficult. 

Finishing 2nd overall Saturday, only three points back with 291pts was the MxGoat, who finished 25th in the 250 with 132pts but 2nd in the 450 with 159pts. MxGoat had a near perfect 450 team. He was only beat out of winning the 450 class by a team who ONLY fielded a 450 team. 🤣 That's one way to win a class. We don't recommend it. 

Rounding out the overall Millville podium was Mercer181with 290pts. Mercer finished 3rd (149pts) & 8th (141pts) in the 250 & 450 respectively on the day. 

Taking a closer look at the three podium teams, all three had 3 of the same riders. Led by a HOT Hunter Lawrence, a HOT Max Anstie & the 450 winner Adam Cianciarulo. Both HLaw & AC put up perfect 50pt scores, while Anstie also finished top 10 both motos to receive 20pts in bonuses for a 44pt day. That's 144 points just between the three of those riders. Nearly half of their scores. Definitely keys to their Spring Creek success.

For winning, MX591 won a custom set of gear with his name & number courtesy of FASTHOUSE. 2nd place MxGoat will receive a travel roller bag from ZULZ bags. With 3rd place MERCER181 takes home a FASTHOUSE hoodie. As a matter of fact, the entire top 10 will receive prizes. Here's a Prize breakdown.

RD1 of the Final Four

1) 294 MX591 - set of Fasthouse gear

2) 291 MxGoat - ZULZ roller travel bag

3) 290 Mercer181 - Fasthouse hoodie

4) 279 2020 - Fasthouse hoodie

5) 274 Fencinbrinson - Fasthouse hoodie

6) 268 Portz12 - MXD360 tee

7) 268 ssrlewis - MXD360 tee

8) 267 Seinfeld - MXD360 tee

9) 265 Jimboman1990 - MXD360 tee

10) 263 CSD151 - MXD360 tee

Millville 20MX is in the books. MX591 is on top of the standings in the chase for the Storm Lake Honda CRf50 & he carries the elusive Red Plate as our Final Four game heads to Florida and the Double WW Ranch MX Park for round 2. We hope everyone learned a little something from the opener because now things get tricky. No back to back picks. So hire wisely and good luck! More stats and breakdowns to come this week.