Checkz MiX : Volume 1
By Chris Riesenberg

Former AX'er, a marketing madman, race promoter, Race Tech's man of the people & Fantasy dirt bike guru. Still turning laps to this day.

Picking your MXD360 fantasy team is like going shopping at the local supermarket for the week’s groceries.  As a proud father of four, with a dog, a chick, and ridiculously expensive hobbies like off-road moped ramping while maintaining a moto-industry job that pays as much as the local janitor’s assistant…well let’s just say I know a thing or two about ballin’ on a budget.  Here’s how I’m approaching this week’s MXD360 Supermarket Sweep.

Pre-game Plan

Before you even head to the store, it’s important to know your week’s schedule or any special circumstances.  For WW Ranch or any outdoor national, you must take the following into account to be successful.


While the last few rounds have been a bit cooler, WW Ranch looks to be a fitness test on the riders with temperatures scheduled in the mid-to-upper 80’s on Saturday.  While not a mid-summer scorcher, it’ll be a fitness test.  You’ll want strong finishers at WW Ranch.


Without Southwick on the schedule, WW Ranch will be the sandiest surface the racers see all season.  While not Lommel by any means, you may want to reference past Southwick, WW Ranch, and even last week’s Millville to see who can ride the softer surfaces well.


Ask any pro racer and they will tell you, the travel schedule is almost as grueling as the 30 plus 2 motos over the course of a long series, and being able to skip the airplane ride and sleep in your own bed can be a big advantage…not to mention familiarity with the racing surface.  This point is pretty null in Florida as many of the riders now call the humid swamps home for the season.

The Necessities

The items you can’t go without – the guys who will give you maximum points on the weekend, but shop carefully, you still need budget left to fill your cart.

#23 – Chase Sexton - $652,337

Sexton has shown he has as much speed as anyone in the 450 class this year and is starting to figure it all out.  Being the lowest budget rider in MXD360 who can straight up win the race paired with revisiting the track where he won his first moto at last year in the 250 class, and you will find Chase Sexton as the first item going in my shopping cart for this weekend’s battle.

#83 – Jett Lawrence - $610,859

In his rookie 250 motocross campaign, Jett Lawrence has found some consistency to match his speed.  After narrowly missing out on podiums numerous times this season, The Jett propelled his way onto the box at Millville by holding off the Martin duo in their own backyard.  At well over $300,000 less than the top two in the class and looking ready for his first W at WW; look for Jett Lawrence to be a slam dunk into my shopping cart.

The Bargain Bin

Here is where you can make or break your trip to the store, but if you think you grabbed the last box of discount Scooby Snacks for Little Johnny and get home only to find out you picked up dog treats; you’ll be sick to your stomach for the week.  Just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they are a good buy.

#103 – Max Anstie - $426,093

Thus far the rookie run in the 450 class in the USA has been a rollercoaster for Anstie, which means there has been some solid upside.  It looks like the diagnosed broken jaw that wasn’t actually broken from Indiana is all better as Anstie comes off 10-8 finishes last weekend at Spring Creek.  Being a GP guy, we know he can ride the sand, and you don’t have to look any further than a week ago or the last time he raced at WW Ranch at the 2017 MXGP of USA where he was a strong 5th in the 450 class behind a group of World MX1 Champions and some guy named Eli Tomac.  With a 10 point bonus on the line and a clearance price-tag, you can guarantee I’m picking the #103 Suzuki to take me to the podium in Florida.

#31 – Frerik Noren - $309,200

Perhaps Chris Wheeler and the crew at Suzuki were playing MXD360 before all of us, because it looks like the RMaRMy were prowling the bargain bin for the 2020 MX Season as Fast Freddie joins fellow RMZ450 pilot Anstie on the Bargain Bin buys for the week.  A year ago at WW Ranch Noren scored two top 10 moto finishes aboard a privateer Honda and he’s coming off two strong motos at Millville.  Look for Noren to find bonus points in one, if not both motos this weekend.

#35 – Hunter Lawrence - $275,263

Due to a shoulder injury and a horrendous start to the season, Hunter Lawrence finds his price tag nearly the same as two rookies who are battling from 10-20 every week.  This guy was battling AC for moto wins a year ago and is coming off 7-5 finishes at Spring Creek; making him a lock for a 10 point bonus both motos. Don’t let the cheap price fool you, H-Law is the bargain buy of the week in MXD360. 

Expired Goods

Leave these items on the shelf – the risk is too high they will spoil in your fridge.

#9 – Adam Cianciarulo - $829,562

I promise I didn’t get into the White Claws too early today, and I am putting the hottest rider in the series coming off of two great performances on the Expired Goods list.  With the great performances comes a much higher price tag, and just over a month ago at the last races where the temperatures and humidity were soaring, AC himself admitted his 450 endurance wasn’t where it needed to be yet to seal the deal.  Combine that with his 5-3 finishes in the 250 class at WW Ranch last year and I’m out on the #9 for Florida. 

#29 – Cameron Mcadoo - $527,903

While I don’t think there is a rider in the field that tries harder than Cameron Mcadoo, I also know only Broc Tickle and Henry Miller slammed the soil harder than Mcadoo at Millville.  Add to that 15-40 finishes a year ago at WW Ranch.  Look for Cameron to tough it out this weekend to results well below his potential, thus lowering his price tag coming into Colorado. 

Penny Purchase

Have a spot left in the cart, but lacking money for one of the main ingredients?  Make your team happy by squeezing some juice out of one of these fruitful picks.

#667 – Jesse Flock - $26,395

While Flock isn’t going to win the race, he is the perfect filler for your team.  He’s been just off the factory radar in the amateurs for years and found himself right in the mix with the same factories at Millville finishing up 18-17 on the day.  If you want to go big elsewhere and still pick up a handful of solid points, I’d rock with Jesse Flock at WW Ranch.