Congratulations to our MXD360 21SX Preseason winner RotoMoto. Donnie put on a retro clinic and whooped all our asses in the 12 race / 4 round salary game from the 2017, 18 & 19 SX seasons.

Here's a little recap on how to take home a retro title.

RotoMoto began the season with an 18th at the opening 2017 race in Detroit. Led by Tomac and his three wins for a perfect75pts, he finished the three races of RD1 tied for 10th with 247 points. He heads into Race5, 27 points behind the leader Galagaonmyarm. Who carries the Red Plate into RD2.

2017 Dallas. 2018 Seattle. And 2019 Denver make up the three races for the second round where Tomac once again cleans up by winning two of the three. RotoMoto runs with Marvin and Webb for RD2. Finishes the round with 241 points and tied for 19th.

Round 3 allows Donnie to hire Tomac again and while the #3 fails to win a main event over the next three races, his 2nd, 3rd and 4th for 60 points earns RotoMoto his first win of the 21SX Preseason. He heads into the final round tied for 4th in points.

With a Championship on the line, Roto plays it conservative by avoiding the HOT rider landmines that turned out to be brutal for alot of teams. Myself included. So for round 4, he hires Marv again, along with Webb and Seely. These three riders never miss the top 10 while scoring 142 points through the 2018 Oakland, 2019 Nashville and our Preseason Finale at the 2017 Anaheim 1. 

The fantasy guru RotoMoto, who you can follow on both Twitter and IG, cruised home to a 27th in RD4 and locked up his first MXD360 title. An impressive victory for the rookie. Surviving these retro games, which covered three different seasons with 12 races out of a possible 51, can be brutal and a little bit of mind torture when attempting to assemble a competitive team of 8 riders. 

Like I've said, if you can survive these two boot camp retro games. Where it's as much luck of the draw on the race as it is making sure to hire a solid 8 rider team.

This upcoming Supercross season should prove to be, as my buddy Tez says, eazy peezy. 😂

So get signed up to become an MXD360 PRO!

Thank you to everyone who played and well done to the entire top 10.