With one round of our Final Four presented by StormLakeHonda, Fasthhouse, ZULZ & Forged Authority in the books, I thought I would put together an MXD360 Power Rankings of sort. Using the Millville results, a rider’s current round 2 Florida salary and their Dollar Per Point Value stat, these 10 riders top our first list. This is basically a top 10 of who is getting the best results & points for their cost in both classes across the board. HOT riders are listed in red. 


  1. Hunter Lawrence [$275,263] 250

This was a near obvious choice. Coming off his best day of racing since the outdoors kicked off, Hunter returned to the track he won a moto last season and laid down a near perfect score. With 7-5 moto scores and 10pt bonuses in each of the motos, jumped HLaw’s score up to 50pts on the day. He remained HOT with such a low salary due to the fact, the Aussie only has 3 top 10 moto finishes out of 12 and sits 14th in the series standings. Is Hunter back on track after a frustrating beginning to the outdoor series? He sure looked good at Spring Creek with some glimpses of his old self. But nothing is guaranteed in this stacked 250 class. For our first power ranking, the #35 on the Geico Honda tops the list with a stellar value $PP value of $5,505.


  1. Adam Cianciarulo [$829,563] 450

Did you realize despite winning the 250 National title last season, AC had never had a 1-1 day like he did Saturday in Minnesota? Yea me neither. Like HLaw listed at #1, Adam had a literal perfect day with 50pts. But he did it the old fashioned way, leading every lap.  The kid is on a roll with his starts, laps led and overall confidence level. He has gone 1-3-1-1 over the past four motos and usually that kind of sure bet is worth a million or more MXD dollars. And that fact, along with his $PP value of $16,591 is why the #9 Monster Energy Kawasaki is 2nd.


  1. Blake Baggett [$716,440] 450

Where in the hell did this guy come from these past two rounds? 1-2-2 over the past three motos. Blake made multiple attempts to chase down AC Saturday, but just came up short. El Chupacabra is back ladies and gentlemen! 44pts scored on a cool day in Minnesota. Its incredible what a couple good starts and the utter belief in yourself can do for your confidence. Like AC, once you do it, win, your mind suddenly realizes, “Dam man, I can do this!” And for that reason alone, with a $PP value of $16,283 the #4 of Blake Baggett is 3rd.


  1. Fredik Noren [$309,201] 450

Ohhh fast Freddie, its been a rough and tumble outdoor series for you. With only 4 top 10s this season, along with 4 results outside of the top 20 and sitting 13th in the 450 point standings, has allowed the JGR Suzuki rider to maintain a relatively low salary. But as he hovers right around that top 10 with other moto finishes of 13-12-11 has also made the Swede a popular pick. A decent price, a good chance for that 10pt bonus as well as an incredible $PP value of  $9,663 from Millville has Noren sitting in 4th. Did I mention he is solid in the sand?


  1. Jo Shimoda [$339,367] 250

Im still not sure what to think of the young Shimoda. If he doesn’t get a top 10 start, theres a good chance you wont see much of him during the broadcast on TV. Then there are times he gets a good start, but then fades out of the top 10. But then, like Millville, he starts up front and lays down 12-8 moto scores, gets that 10pt bonus and puts up 32pts on the day. For the season, out of 12 motos, Jo has 3 top 10 moto finishes and 5 results between 11th and 15th. With a little risk, comes reward. The young Honda rider seems to be slowly figuring the nationals out and racing himself into better shape each Saturday. The #84 is 13th in points, has a $PP value of $10,605 and is top 5 in this week’s Power Rankings.


  1. Derek Drake [$399,367] 250

I honestly know very little about Derek. He’s a TLD / KTM rider, and according to Matthes, is battling Hartranft for the final spot on the new GasGas team. Other than that, I do know the #57 sits just outside the top 10 in points, has 4 motos inside the top 10, 6 finishes between 11th and 15th and has a $PP value from Millville of $12,491. These kind of numbers heading into Florida are going to make him very popular for teams. Double D sits 6th.


  1. Max Anstie [$426,094] 450

I really like Anstie’s style. Its pretty much balls to the wall, hold on for dear life, and hope for the best. I remember Max way back in 2009 when he first came to the US. He had a lot of crashes back then but according to RacerX’s The Vault, I see he finished 18th in the 250MX season. The Brit was only here for a handful of season’s and decided to head back to Europe and race the GPs. There he totally refined his skills, learned to harness some of that wild man style and actually pulled off the MXdN overall win in 2017 in front of his home country. Well he’s back in the US on the Twisted Tea Suzuki and having an incredibly consistent series. Only one moto outside of the top 15 and that was his big crash in the 2nd moto at Ironman where it was feared he had broken his jaw. He sits 11th in points with 4 top 10 moto scores. Anstie is literally the perfect example of a fringe rider and should probably be on your team every chance you can simply because those 10pt bonuses are always right at his finger tips and when he misses out, he still gets your team solid points. So at #7 with a $PP value of $12,532 is Mad Max.


  1. Carson Mumford [$358,220] 250

Johnny Carson has had a roller coaster ride of a rookie season. He only has 3 moto finishes inside the top 10, along with 6 motos in the 11 to 15 range. The trio of Mumford, Shimoda & Drake is 16pts on the season and about $60k. At Millville, all three had between 29 and 32 points with one moto inside the top 10 for the 10pt bonus. What I’m trying to say is, you could probably just roll the dice or just attempt an “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” to pick one or two of them for Florida. Hiring all three rookies would be a ballsy move but I know one thing for certain, Carson, Jo & Derek better have hydrated and ate their Wheaties this week because the weather looks like a chance of rain Friday but sunny and 90 degrees come Saturday. Sand, rough, heat and humidity are the witches brew when it comes to rookies. Only thing more dangerous and knee weakening for an 18 year old motocrosser would be a Monster girl. Mumford’s $PP is $12, 352 and he comes in at #8 in this opening week of Power Rankings.


  1.  Dylan Ferrandis [$969,080] 250

Frenchy represents the most expensive rider on the list and the only points leader as well. After an incredible second moto battle with JMart, Dylan ended the day with a perfect 50 points. Lets be honest, there’s no question he is the fastest rider on the track and well all know his starts are shit and he gets in to big of a hurry early and has been known to put himself on the ground. However, when you have unquestionable the fastest bike in the class, you eventually figure out to stop picking the very inside gate, don’t be asleep when the gate drops, and let the race come to you. I personally think the 14 is about to go on a run and this might be the last time we see his $PP value below $20k a point. At almost a million dollar salary, whoever hires him better sure as hell hope he goes 1-1 again, because you just ate up almost a third of your budget on one rider. Deelun Furrandees is our #9 rider at a $PP value of $19,382.


  1.  Jett Lawrence [$610,860] 250

Jett is for real kids. There is no question on this. I am stating 100% facts here people. And if youre not fan of this Aussie, then we can’t be friends. What all has this 17 year old done so far this shortened season? Besides a horrific couple motos in the mud at the Loretta’s sequel, JLaw has finished inside the top 10 in ten motos, top 5 in five motos and on the box in 3rd twice. And he’s had to do this mostly coming thru the pack. Pretty sure the only rider to have passed more riders this series is Ferrandis. He’s still a deal at over $610k, but with each podium ride, his salary will keep climbing. Heading into Florida, the 83 sits 10th in our Power Rankings with a $PP value of $17,453. He has the best value of any non-HOT rider.