Tanked. The H1 Edition

by JR51.

Welcome to Tanked, a new column where we’ll take a look at a rider whose high expectations failed to deliver on race day. I’m Hoosenberg on the MXD scoresheets, but in a previous life, I was an Arenacross pro who spent two seasons chasing the dream. In two seasons, roughly 125+ main events went off the line in Arenacross, and I lined up for a grand total of 10 of them. And I also managed a bruised kidney, a broken jaw, and countless other highlight reel crashes and disappointments. So you can say I’m uniquely qualified to talk disappointment.

And my goodness, disappointment was abound in H-Town. Not since the Astros were exposed for pounding garbage cans has a sporting event caused this many dejected fans. Oh, wait, I forgot about the Texans and the dumpster fire that calls NRG Stadium home. You get the point, though.

So whose the Tanked Spotlight fall on this week? For MXD purposes, it’s the #23 Honda of Chase Sexton. The last time the 450 warriors saw a gate drop, Chase brought home the win at Pala, just months ago. And when the number 23 qualified on top of the board, 45.9% of MXD owners thought that was just the start, and slotted Chase to their team for a cool $627,500. They were rewarded with a cool 9 points. Ouch.

Count me amongst the pained. In fact, I hit H1 with a strategy of trusting the known 450 guys, and spent $2.3M on Tomac, Anderson and Sexton. Add in my lone hot rider Benny Bloss failing to make the main and I spent $2.57M for 27 points amongst 4 450 riders.

And the pain of H1 lingers, with the contenders that burned me and so many others in round 1 now deeply discounted for round 2, while I scour the depths of fantasy wildcards trying to field an 8 rider team.

Regardless, the show goes on, and I’m not about to stay here in 143rd place and accept my fate. Tonight, the gate drops again. And hopefully the next Tanked spotlight rider isn’t inside my truck. Sound off below, who tanked your team in round 1?