Tanked : The H2 Edition

by JR51

Remember last spring when the racing world went on pause, and we’d do literally anything for another gate drop? And in the downtime, MotoXDream 360 was reborn, bringing our excitement level to “and they drop the gates... A1 2006 levels”?

And then H1 happened. The indigestion barely settled from Saturday night, and our new team of riders was hired, hopes were high, things were gonna be back to normal.

Tuesday night Supercross. What’s the worst that could happen?

“Houston, we have a problem.”

And our fantasy SX hopes and dreams exploded like the oxygen tank on Apollo 13.

Like H1, there were many riders to choose from for the Tanked spotlight. But for H2, much like H1, we just had to look at the top of the 450 qualifying sheets to shine the light. And in H2, 39.25% of the MXD360 players got giddy and forked out a cool $644k for Adam Cianciarulo after his top qualifying effort. Forked out, it turns out, like the 38 trying to pass anyone these last 3 years. Ill advised and hazardous at best. 

I won’t relive the train wreck for you, the great start, the sand crash, dropping from 2nd to 14th. And then the rebound that didn’t happen. Only moving up 2 spots despite the mayhem happening nearly everywhere. Ok, so I lied. We’re reliving it. It’s what we do here. 

It was a close one for the tanked spotlight. More team owners hired Zach Osborne, but his lower salary and higher points scored saved him from the scorn.

Myself? I once again trusted the 450 class with $2M of my budget, and was rewarded with 10-11-17-21 finishes. As we used to hear weekly in the Arenacross riders’ meetings, “there’s a race goin on and you ain’t in it” I’ve seen more blue flags than checkered flags in my day. I know how this goes.

Thankfully, I’ve got a bottle of Tums and Saturday we do it all again. Let out your frustrations below, and come back this weekend for Tanked.