Tanked, H3 Edition.

by Hoosenberg aka JR51

Misery loves company.

A wild Saturday afternoon in Houston, with 250 factory riders dropping like flies, it had a number of us playing mix and match with rider names and salaries, trying to find a winning combination.

And when we seen the 9th fastest qualifier, Hunter Sayles, available for a measly $93k, images of HOT bonus points and a shiny new MXD360 open faced helmet danced in our minds. Coming off a 14th last week, clearly momentum was on Sayles’ side. 

A healthy 46.98% of us hired Mr. Sayles. You know how hard it is to get 46% of any given population to agree on something? 

Instead, the hopes and dreams of MXD360 Destiny bogged down the #99 KTM. 12th in the heat, 15 seconds out of the final transfer. 6th in the LCQ, 7 seconds out of the main event ticket he’d punched in rounds 1&2. Instead, a direct transfer to one of the plethora of available seats in NRG Stadium, amongst the dashed dreams of MXD360 team managers abound. 

Things happen. Sayles still sits 18th in points, and even the best miss mains sometimes. But for one night in Houston, the Hunter missed his shot, and it was MXD360 Nation that was wounded. Nothing hurts like getting TANKED before the main event gate drops.

But like the #99, and the #9 and hopefully the #23 that came before, in a week we do it once again. Hopefully a change of venue, to the stadium that Luck himself called home, brings some better luck to us all. 

Until next weekend.