Tanked- 1NDY

by Hoosenberg

Welp, the first round of the MXD Triple Crown hit Indianapolis, the home of Peyton Manning, and more recently, Andrew Luck. But for some of us, Lady Luck wasn’t on our side in  the Hoosier State.

After a frantic set of qualifying practices left us all scrambling, analyzing, trying to figure out how to “send pic(k)s” that were gonna send it, it’s ironic that 38.99% of us hired the number 36 of Martin Davalos, the most hired 450 rider of the night. After all, no one on the gate knows more about sending pics than Marty! After a solid qualifying effort put him in 8th overall, the vision of double hot bonuses promised. And the promise looked to hit early in the main, as the 36 KTM was well within the top ten. But Marty had a mishap, and dropped to a disappointing 15th place finish, and just 16 points in the night. For half the price, we could have grabbed Bogle and got 14 points! 

Such is the life of the armchair fantasy team owner. Throwing caution and money recklessly into the wind, hoping for fantasy glory, but most often catching the agony of defeat. 

Fortunately for us, and a number of disappointed riders, on Tuesday we get another shot at it. Jackpots await, but at the end of the day, the spotlight will shine on a singular number plate, the infamous rider who TANKED the fantasy standings. Any guesses on who will deliver the let down on Tuesday night?