Tanked. In-Duece.

by Hoosenberg

Doh. A Tuesday night travesty. The Supercross Series rolled on Tuesday night in Indianapolis. Which I just learned was nicknamed “nap town” in the 60s and 70s. Well it’s 2021, but the nickname was fitting because the stars of Supercross were taking naps all over the place inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

The racing action produced no shortage of carnage, and with it came all sorts of options for Tanked. Initially, I was gonna go with Jett, but to be Tanked, you gotta be hired by more than the 31.28% of teams. 

Instead, we’re going for maximum tarnish of teams, and that comes with the #773 of Thomas Do. Or, his alter ego Tuesday night, Thomas Doh. Much like Homer Simpson when something didn’t go his way, I can envision Do saying DOH! as he fell out of the sky rolling the finish line, falling out of the top ten, and mangling his bike. A sure fire top ten, hot rider bonus points, and television exposure went up down in a heap. The end result, 19th place, 4 points and 45.97% of the MXD hearts shattered. Even worse if you had Do and Jett on your team, two riders undone by tuff blocks, resulting in fantasy heartbreak. 

Doh, indeed.

If you’ve ever attended a motorcycle event in Indy, you’ve likely gotten TANKED in Colts Country. The only difference is here in MXD land, there isn’t a White Castle strong enough to wash away the taste of defeat.

One more from Indianapolis Saturday night. Let’s do this