We were treated Saturday night, ironically enough, to a Daytona double header from 1985 & 1997  with an 05 Dallas lead in. Stewart scores his second win in a row, while Hannah & Fro pick up their first wins of the game. 

However, in the end, do the wins means as much as when one of your rider's don't even line up to race? Like Bailey & Kiedrowski at the opening round 1, I got kicked in the nuts once again but this time it was Goat Breker wearing the size 11 ball busters. 

Breker, Bowen, Ryno & once again MXKied, all missed their respective randomly drawn races for the 2nd round of Retro action.  Riders of their calibers doubtfully simply didn't qualify but were out with injuries for those main events. 

Someone who didn't miss a main but didn't wait long to capitalize on their "double seasons" benefit was Mike Larocco. The Rock earned his near million dollar payday by scoring a 5th in both the 2005 Daytona & 1997 Dallas races. 

That whopping 32 points was well worth his exhorbant salary. Which in turn, only made the Michigan Mafia member even more expensive for Tuesday night's round 3 action. Mike jumped up to a hefty $1,078,096 salary option. Is he worth it? Time will tell.

Our round 2 winner, Broken Spoke, benefited from Larocco's 32pts. The Kawasaki duo of Fro & Wardy went 1st and 2nd in their 97 & 85 seasons at Daytona. Did anyone else catch the results and see they ran a 37 rider main in 85 and a 30 rider one in 97. 

Not sure why they stopped that tradition. It clearly went the way of telephone whoops and racing during the day. 

Round 2 is in the books. Three more main events coming tomorrow night for a Retro Tuesday.