Three main events from three different decades all knocked out in about an hour. RC, Bomber & Fro all take their season wins and we move on to the round 4  finale next Tuesday night. 


1997 Indy SX
250 main at 38:22

1997 Indianapolis SX
Courtesy of Cycle News 
by Kit Palmer

It looked as though it would be a four-way battle for the win early in the 250 main. Emig – who took the holeshot – Ward, Henry and McGrath quickly broke free from the rest of the pack as they battled each other from turn to turn.

This went on for 6 laps, then Henry made the first move, riding his Yamaha around Ward’s Honda through a turn. Moments later, McGrath also made an attempt to get by Ward but instead slammed into the back of the HoT rider and nearly went down. This was the beginning of the end for McGrath.

Both Huffman and Craig, who had closed the gap on the lead four, saw their chance and passed McGrath through the whoops before the Suzuki rider could regroup after his near crash. A lap later, Larocco also passed an out-of-sync McGrath, as did Albertyn and Kiedrowski a lap later. While all this was going on, Craig got around Huffman, making the top order just past the halfway point, Emig, Henry, Ward, Craig, Huffman, Larocco, Albertyn, Keidrowski, McGrath & Bradshaw.

By now all of the top 10 riders were fairly close to one another and passes were being made left and right but the standout rider was Larocco, who was picking off riders one after the other. He soon had control of 3rd after passing Craig and quickly closed the gap on Henry, who was beginning to lose sight of Emig.

“I just kind of rode behind him (Emig),” Henry said. “I was hoping he was going to make a mistake, but he never really did. I wasn’t going to try and force one; I wasn’t feeling strong enough to really force a mistake out of him.”

A stronger Larocco passed Henry with three laps to go but with three laps to go but simply did not have enough time to mount a serious change on Emig, who took the checkered flag with little room to spare over the Suzuki rider.

1) Jeff Emig
2) Mike Larocco
3) Doug Henry
4) Michael Craig
5) Greg Albertyn
6) Mike Kiedrowski
7) Larry Ward
8) Damon Huffman
9) Jeremy McGrath
11) Ryan Hughes 
13) Ezra Lusk
14) Jimmy Button
15) Kevin Windham

2005 Indy SX
250 main at 25:16

After a yardsale by Vallejo, RC & Reed quickly jump out to 1st and 2nd out of the gate. Windham & Fonseca battle for 3rd early while Larocco does his usual charge. 

Track isn't alot different than what you see today honestly. Some riders are blitzing the whoops. Some are hopping. A couple long rhythm sections they jump in just three leaps. 

Altho one thing different for sure is the size of the jumps and how much more peaked they are than today. Everything today looks like the same size rounded jump. I don't know, check it out and let me know what ya think.

The quality isn't great and Ricky pretty much holeshots and wheelies on everyone. Reedy had nothing for the GOAT on this night. And Stewart was out with a broken arm. 

However it's worth watching the end of the main as Vuillemin gets aggressive with Tortelli & Fonseca. Ernie & David put on a great battle from about lap 15 to the finish. 

And the best line of the race is by Todd Harris at the very end, "His mom calls him Richard Joseph Carmichael... But we just call him Champ!" 

1) Ricky Carmichael
2) Chad Reed
3) Kevin Windham 
4) Mike Larocco
5) David Vuillemin
6) Ernesto Fonseca 
7) Sebastien Tortelli
8) Heath Voss
9) Damon Huffman
11) Travis Preston 

DNS James Stewart 
DNS Tim Ferry

1985 Atlanta SX

250 main events begin at 21 minute mark

You seriously have to watch this. I honestly just realized that 1985 ran a two moto format all season long except for Daytona. Similar to the current Monster Triple Crown format, points were only paid out for the overall.

I remember then doing this but totally forgot. Even when we go back to look at the results from the Racer X Vault, it only shows the overalls. 

So anyways, the first moto at the 85 Atlanta was completely once again dominated by Lechien. He was so smooth. If you recall, he won out Seattle Retro opener and was gone in this first moto. 

There's a triple on the right side of the stadium he was doing every lap and just yarded everyone. O'Mara does it one lap while in 2nd early, but clips the hay bales and crashes.

I'm not telling you anymore. You have to watch it. Two 12 lap 250 mains with the 125 sandwiched in between. It's funny to hear the live announcer reminding fans not to leave, that's there is more racing yet to come!

1985 Atlanta 250 Overall
1) Mark Barnett
2) Ron Lechien
3) Jeff Ward
4) Broc Glover
5) David Bailey 
6) Scott Burnworth
7) Johnny OMara 
8) Bob Hannah
9) Rick Johnson
19) Keith Bowen
DNS Goat Breker