The Championship chase for the 2021 TiLube / Storm Lake Honda CR250 replica race bike is tighter than ever behind the points leader EVANS824. The artist formerly known as HENRYRIVERNUGGETS avoided all the serious landmines in the mud Saturday and extended his lead on the former series leader TD248.

Evans hit on all 8 in the Main & possibly could have an even larger points lead if it wasn't for the crash between Anstie & Friese. Max and his single point were the only low point of the day for Evans who's 118 total points was good enough for an ATL1 11th.

On the other hand, Travis & his TD248 have been in an ecer so slow free fall the past four races. What was once a healthy points lead sees him 36 points down in 2nd. Don't get me wrong, Travis and his worst days are still better than 99% of us. However, his ATL1 team took a serious beating Saturday in the mud. 

TD248 only had a 6 rider team by the time the main events came around. As both of his HOT riders Frye & Wilson were unable to get out of their respective LCQs.  His team limped back to the truck with a 91 point total on the day. 

Today for ATL2, can anyone slow down EVANS824 or does he extend his points lead in the run for the title? Only 99 points separate 2nd to 31st and with double points being served up tonight in Atlanta, look for another big swing in points as everyone chases after the 21SX title. #mxd360