The latest edition of Tanked from ATL1 is here!

Tanked, Welcome to Atlanta Edition by Hoosenberg 

Have you seen the new commercials that Arby’s now has crinkle cut fries? Yeah, two varieties of fries for you to choose from. You know who else has two versions of fries? Star Racing Yamaha. You see, there’s the 2020 Outdoor Jarrett Frye, who lit the series up with top tens. And then there’s Supercross Frye, who has one top 10 and misses main events.

You see, you don’t go to Arby’s and order curly fries and expect crinkle fries. Yet the risk taking MXD owners see Frye, who finally delivered a 10 point bonus at Arlington 3, and then see his 13th place qualifying time and modest $308k salary, and order him up. 28% of the teams watched in agony as he placed 18th in the heat and 8th in the LCQ. Result, 0 points.

We’re not even talking about missing the ten point hot bonus. We’re talking 0, zilch, nada. You went for greasy deliciousness with your main course and ended up with a side salad. 

Listen, if you want crinkle fries, you get em at Culver’s. And if you want points, you hire Frye outdoors. Otherwise, you are underwhelmed, and watching your rider land on the first Tanked column after the break.