The top 10 teams heading into tonight's RD2 07.10 RetroMX game. Beetle27 took the win in round 1 with his team led by Carmichael, Stewart & Barcia. Wil Hahn proved to be the bargain of the opening round as the current Star Yamaha team manager scored 36pts at the 2010 Southwick on a $401k salary. 

For round 2 tonight, the key will once again no doubt be the RC, Stew duo. Their salaries both slightly went up after finishing 1-2 at 2007 Southwick, but for the teams who didn't go with them at round 1, the question will be, will they pull the trigger on the two Hall of Famers tonight? Hit on them with a good race draw & keep the dream alive. Have one of their zero point races chosen, and watch their 07.10 championship hopes go down in flames. 

The fun of these Retro games is just not knowing what's to come.