With two rounds of our Final Four presented by StormLakeHonda, Fasthhouse, ZULZ & Forged Authority in the books, I thought I would put together an MXD360 Power Rankings of sort. Using the Florida results, a rider’s current round 3 Lakewood salary and their Dollar Per Point Value stat, these 10 riders top our list. This is basically a top 10 of who is getting the best results & points for their cost in both classes across the board. HOT riders are listed in red. In other words, who are ya gonna get the most bang for your buck.


  1. Max Anstie $449,257 salary (450)

Max is our new #1 rider in the Power Rankings. Why? Its simple. If he doesn’t crash last week and have to come from last to 13th, he probably gets two top 5s in the Florida sand. Yet, why is he HOT then? Because just that, he has a tendency to crash, which despite his speed, has him with only 5 top 10 moto finishes out of 14. He has moved up to 10th in points, but is still not a sure top 10 bet…. Yet. The Brit has a $PP Value of $12,478.


  1. Fredrik Noren $345,831 salary (450)

Fast Freddie had a huge weekend at the WW Ranch with two top 10 finishes and two 10pt bonuses for 45pts on the day. Like I suggested last week in this article, the JGR Suzuki rider likes the sand. This Saturday the altitude and a hard packed clay track awaits the Swede. Last year at Lakewood, Noren went 15-13 for 13th overall. However in 2020, the 450 class has lost a handful of riders to injuries, so Im looking at the number 31 to run just inside the top 10 again. JGR knows how to make a dirt bike run in the altitude. Fredrik is #2 with a $PP Value of $7,685.


  1. Hunter Lawrence  $284,421 salary (250)

HLaw was our #1 rider last week heading in RD2 in Florida and although he suffered a mechanical DNF in moto 2, he still managed a 6th in the 1st moto for 25pts on the day. Its shit like that this season that has kept Hunter an anomaly from week to week. He has the bike, the speed and the experience but also has had some crazy weird luck with crashes and bike malfunctions. He is up to 14th in the points on the season and has a $11,377 $PP Value this week.


  1. Jo Shimoda #368,425 salary (250)

Ol Jo was an MXD360 beast in the sand with two top 10s, two 10pt bonuses for a whopping 44pts. I said last week the young rookie was racing himself into shape each Saturday and well, that was an impressive day. Next to Ferrandis, those 44pts were the second most on the day. Can he duplicate his results in the thin air of Colorado? That’s a good question. I cant 100% say he can match his 8-10 at the WW Ranch. This will be his first time to Lakewood. Because of that, I have Mr Shimoda at #4 this week with an incredible $8, 374 $PP Value. One last note, Jo has 5 top 10 motos this season, with 4 of them coming in the last 5 motos.


  1. Carson Mumford $374,919 salary (250)

Like his teammate Shimoda, Carson has been on the edge of HOT rider greatness. 7 moto finishes in the 11th to 15th range. That’s half the motos right there on the fringe of the 10pt bonus. Mumford sits just 2pts ahead of Jo in 11th and just a slightly higher salary. What Im suggesting is these two are pretty much interchangeable at the moment heading into Colorado. I highly suggest you hire at least one of these rookies to your team, but it also comes with a high altitude warning. The 220 Honda comes in at number 5 with a $PP Value of $12,094. FYI, he went 10-11 last Saturday for 31pts.


  1. Justin Cooper $659,341 salary (250)

Justin had his best day of racing last Saturday with his first overall podium finish on the season. His 4-2 moto scores reminded everyone of just how fast this kid can haul the mail. Its been a rough season so far with the hand injury at the beginning, but hes starting to look like his old self. Last year at Lakewood, Coop went 1-2 on the day and I see a similar Saturday ahead of him. We all know the Yamahas are going to be blistering fast with that uphill start and with a relatively decent salary compared to his teammates, he is a must have for Saturday. The number 32 is our number 6 with a $PP Value of $16,484.


  1. Zach Osborne $921,138, Marvin Musquin $824,176 & Eli Tomac $753,070 (450)

Yup, you read that right. I have all 3 tied at #7 in this weeks Power Rankings. Basically, you probably cant afford more than one of these riders, but all 3 are going to score you no less than 40pts on Saturday. Yes Im going all in on the hometown kid and considering his salary is considerably less than the other 2, Tomac might be the Blue Light Special of the week. Then again we all know Elito is lurking in the shadows somewhere… “Dammm you Elito Mac!” Osborne $PP Value is $18,423. Marv’s is $20,604 & Eli’s is $20,353. Normally I wouldn’t suggest any rider of $20k in value but this week Im breaking my own rules.


  1. Isaac Teasdale $61,409 salary (450)

The JGR rider made his 450 National debut at Spring Creek a couple weeks ago, but it was a rough start with 25-18 scores. Last Saturday in Florida, the kid had a much better day placing a 12th and a 14th. Sometimes you have go a little deeper into the field to find a bargain, especially if you want a couple of the big money riders. And with a $PP Value of $3,838, Sir Isaac is someone to check out.


  1. Jarrett Frye $103,426 & Nate Thrasher $80,000 salary (250)

These two young rookies for Star Yamaha are a couple more bargain binners for Lakewood. Frye rode solid in the sand with 12-12 moto scores to go with his two 14s in Millville. Those a consistent and steady scores that I like to see. On the other hand, Thrasher is possibly going to make his debut at Lakewood tomorrow, so check the practice times to confirm this. I am not 100% certain he is racing. I saw his name added to the entry list on a Yamaha and his IG showed him practicing this week. So we will see if he debuts or not. But for all the hype and drama with TLD, I expect big things for this kid. Then again, who the fu*k knows these days. Frye has a $PP Value of $5,746 while Thrasher doesn’t have a value since he hasn’t raced yet. And can we see this kids drivers license? Im gonna need a verification on the last name of Thrasher? Is that German? Cmon man.

    10. Jett Lawrence $646,412 (250) & Chase Sexton $669,037 (450) salary

These are what I like to call, reliable. Not too expensive, yet all season long, deliver. Theyre the Mailman if you will. Other than a nightmare mudder at LL2, Jett hasnt had a moto finish worse than an 8th. Chase on the other hand has a 13th and a 20th, but other than that, not a single moto worse than 9th. Dump those two motos for each and JLaw is averaging 16.6pts a moto with the 450 rookie Sexton averaging an almost indentical 16.5pts. Thats basically a 5th a moto for both. Thats 32pts a weekend for less than $670k. Dat is a bargain for me kids. Jett takes a $PP Value of $17,011 into Lakewood with his fellow Honda rider Chase rolling with a $19,678.