RD3 has landed! Not sure why it's so dam difficult to find old written race recaps on some of these Retro races, but I was unable to find anything other than the full YouTube videos of both races. And I didn't get a chance to watch either race to write up anything. 

All I do know is this, the luck of the draw for RC & Stew continues with the round 5 2007 Budds Creek. Canard destroyed everyone with 1-1 results at the 2010 Washougal, which is a race that ALWAYS has some wacky results. And if you hired Tickle, Hahn, Milsaps or Summey, expect some donuts on your scorecard.

So with that said, let's drop the gate on RD3 of the 07.10 RetroMX. #mxd360 #fantasyMX


2007 Budds Creek 450


2010 Washougal 250