Congratulations to our 1st 250 moto winners Million317 & MX591. Both of these team managers showed up to dinner in the same t-shirt and also have the same 250 team. A near perfect squad of Ferrandis winning the moto along with a HOT trio who all hit the top 10 and earned the 10pt bonus.

Harrison pulled the holeshot and held on to an 8th for 23pts. Shimoda kept his top 10 streak going with a 7th for 24pts & HLaw has returned to the speed we witnessed last season with a 5th for 26pts. A 98pt moto score for Million317 and MX591 jumps our opening Final Four winner 591 up to a tie for 1st with 611 total points while 317 moves up the leaderboard to 28th on the season with 502pts.

Jharmon124 is our other manager tied atop the overall Final Four standings. Meanwhile Hoosenberg fresh of his round 2 victory had a huge get off in moto 1 and yard sale'd it for a 101st and 44pts.

Yours truly did a last minute swap and dropped Harrison for Mumford moments before the gate dropped which turned out to be a 15pt swing. 1st 450 moto coming up!