Important note! They released the official 250 West list last night. Austin Forkner. Cameron McAdoo. And Jess Pettis. All 3 are on my original 250 West listing and are currently listed on our MXD360 rider list for Saturday night. Apparently these 4 are all racing East. 

This can be expected w Mitch and PC because he makes sure all of his riders are prepared and ready for A1. Not sure why the change of region for the other two. 

Just an FYI when setting your early 8 rider teams and trying to find that perfect mixture of 250 and 450 riders with your $3.5M budget, do not include these 4 riders. As of this moment, they are East riders despite being listed as West on my early list. 

Apologize for the mix up. I just like getting our lists posted on the site as early as possible. Hire accordingly and good luck!