The definition of insanity

By Hoosenberg

You all know where this is going. It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Early in my life, it was hucking triples and rolling whoops, hoping to sneak into Arenacross main events. Then, it was funneling beers and pounding JagerBombs, hoping to avoid being a moron. Well now, it’s a life that’s much calmer, but still insane. It’s suffering through another New York Giants football season, hoping for a flashback to the late 2000s. Then following it up with another Supercross season, hoping to see Team Honda reclaim their throne from the glory days. The time honored definition insanity, featuring a picture of me.

I know, it’s a long way of saying it, but let’s cut to the chase. Ken Roczen will be your 2022 Supercross Champion.

Every year, we go into the season with the story lines, and the last few it seems the only constant is change. Riders switching teams, trainers, mental coaches, home bases, girlfriends. Wait, that was a few years ago. But you get the picture. At the end of the year, there’s only one champ, and everyone else is left throwing the kitchen sink at it. Well this year, even the champ has change. Webb left Baker’s Factory, got a new bike, and reached into the 1980’s trying to bring jorts back in style. 

So when the champ is even evolving his program, how can you not get caught in the webb and think he repeats? Great question, thanks for asking. First of all, winning is hard. Repeating is harder. Second, sometimes change is just for the sake of change and it doesn’t improve anything. Many have left Baker’s Factory before, but no one has won after they did. History can tell us things if we pay attention.

Speaking of history, have we forgotten Kenny’s history? From phenom to one of the worst injuries the sport has seen since Doug Henry ruled the terrafirma, the fact the dude is even on the line, let alone winning races and competing for titles should be appreciated more. Tell me one more time Kenny is mentally soft, and then think about the mental roadblocks he faced during recovery. Sometimes the narrative misses the story. 

Anyway, I’ve rambled a lot. And I’ve talked about two riders. It happens. Here’s my predictions for 2022. It’s gonna be a season of RED and RED BULL. Kenny. Hunter. Jett. The red wrath is back my friends. And HOOSENBERG will be your 2022 MXD SX champ. Or at least beat my kids and brother. Haha!

Bummed I didn’t talk about Elito, AC and the crew? Trust me, I’ve got a lot more to say. I’ll check back in through the year and we’ll bench race. Let’s see your predictions in the comments!

250 Champs: Jett & Hunter Lawrence

450 SX