Here is an all in one Salary List and 450 Race by Race for RD7 Minnepolis and the debut of the 250 East series. Clearly the 250E is stacked and I did my best to assign salaries the best I could and where I thought everyone would finish Sat night. 

Like A1 opener, the top riders are a little less expensive. While the lower end is a little more expensive. There are no HOT rider gimmees, but it should all even out for round 2 in Dallas once we see some results. 

Some might ask why rookies like Kitchen & Reynolds aren't HOT for their first SX races. My answer will always be this. If you are talented enough to be hired by a factory team, you are expected to and you better, finish top 10.  Or you wont be around very long. Of course their status could change thru the series. 💯

And DON'T FORGET. Round 8 in Jerry's World of Texas is the 1st race of our Dwayne William's Memorial Triple Crown. A double points paying event. So hire wisely for Minny. Big points coming next weekend. #mxd360 #22SX #DWTC