Rough day for HOT Mumford team managers as he comes just short with an 11th in the 2nd 250 moto. But an outstanding day for the owners of a HOT, Frye, Harrison, Shimoda and Hunter as they hit top 10 in both motos. 

A big 2nd 250 moto win for MOTO943 as he takes the victory with Cooper 1st, Harrsion 9th, HLaw 4th and Frye 10th. His 96pts were one of the biggest scores of our shortened Final Four game. 

But it was the first moto tandem of Million317 and MX591 who took the Lakewood 250 overall win with 191pts for each.

With one moto remaining on the perfect day at Thunder Valley, it's Mercer181 out front with Seinfels in 2nd and MOTO943 in 3rd rounding out the podium. This final 450 moto will decide who takes home the Fasthouse gear, ZULZ travel roller bag and MXD360 hoodie.

The chase for the StormLakeHonda CRf50 sees Seinfels 1st and MX591 2nd as the 450 class takes their parade lap. 30 minutes plus 2 laps coming up!

- Word is no Baggett for this Final moto. Apparently he's having a hand issue.