RD3 MXGP of Argentina is in the books as Honda's Gajser picks up his 3rd win of the season and remains undefeated as far as overalls. I gotta admit, with Herlings & Febvre on the sidelines injured, this 22MXGP season isn't quite living up to the hype & excitement from last year. 

We have see some glimpses of speed & excellence from Prado, but he has yet to put two motos consistently together in a day and looked completely off the pace today. Altho the true pleasant surprise of this very early season so far has been the reigning MX2 World Champion Maxime Renaux. The talented 21 year old Frenchman scored his first MXGP moto victory in the opening moto today and is now a solid 2nd in points. 17 markers down on Gajser.

With only 15 MXGP regulars scoring points in Argentina, it turned out to be a great day for the HOT trio of Jonass (4th), Evans (8th) & Tixier (9th). These three riders alone were worth a hefty 73 points.

Congratulations to our RD3 winner Richter28, who had the above mentioned HOT trio, along w Renaux (2nd), Prado (3rd) & Coldenhoff (5th). For those keeping track at home, that's a team with all six riders in the top 10 for a whopping 131 points. In other words, that's a near perfect team ladies & gentlemen. That is how you do it.

The 22 season takes another weekend off coming up, but returns April 3rd for the RD4 MXGP of Portugal. I'm assuming the full contingent of riders will be present and accounted for at this round. Speaking of which, Agentina was packed with fans today & the track looked incredible. 

My point is, the promoting company of Infront & their head honcho Luongo need to loosen up their purse strings. This group has to financially support all of the teams with their exorbitant travel costs if they plan on going back in 2023. There were only 12 MX2 riders in the 2nd moto while the MXGP class was filled mostly with local riders. Those passionate South American fans deserve a full show of talent to watch and get the full experience this World Championship series has to offer.

Just a heads up, I have new League Safe game coming up that will combine 4 rounds of SX, 4 rounds MX & 4 rounds of MXGP. We're bringing back the 1983 Wrangler Super Series of sorts and the Blue & Gold #1 plate. And the four MXGP rounds will score both motos at those rounds. I'll be announcing the full twelve round race schedule & all the details this week. The best part of the game is everyone will simply play with their current teams.

17 MXGP rounds remain. This series & game is just getting started. Hopefully Herlings & Febvre return to racing healthy & ready to do battle. Thanks for playing. And if you're not already, join for FREE & get a team hired for RD4 MXGP of Portugal! #fantasymxgp #free #MXD360