Wow what a wild last moto. Eli is back despite a clutch issue. A.C. runs out front but nearly eats his lunch when he hits a kicker. Oz smashes his foot in moto 1 and toughs out a 2nd. Barcia crashes out. Musquin fades like cheap paint. Craig has a career best. Noren comes from near last to 13th yet breaks every managers heart with zero bonus points. Bogle has a great day and rewards his teams with his best results of the season. Bloss rebounds for a 7th and 10 bonus points. Anstie continues to improve. Jake Masterpool finds his way into the top 10 and gives everyone an early Xmas present of 10 bonus points.

However with all that happening, in the MXD360 fantasy World, it was a battle to the end between last week's Florida winner Hoosenberg and Fab5FT. Eventually is was Fab5 taking the moto win with a monstrous 94pts! Led by Tomac 1st, Oz 2nd, HOT Anstie 6th and a HOT Bogle in 9th. 

Alot of points up for grabs at Thunder Valley. All four motos are in the books. A full recap of the overall and the Final Four season points still to come. Thank you for playing and for tuning in. And congratulations to all four of our moto winners.