No SX this weekend. No F1 this weekend. The AMA Summer of Pain Tour doesn't kick off for another couple weeks. All we have for entertainment game wise is RD8 of the 22MXGP league in Sardegna this weekend. So check it out... IT'S FREE to play. This is everything you need to know to hire a team. 6 rider with a $3M budget.

There is even a new rider added to the MXGP class for the remainder of the series. Twenty year old Italian factory GASGAS rider Mattia Guadagnini will move up from the MX2 to the premier class beginning with this Sunday's MXGP of Sardgna in Italy. Apparently the Spaniard Jorge Prado will be missing some time due to his recent shoulder injury. With the loss of Herlings for the series and now possibly Prado, the Austrian brand is taking matters into their own hands as the move the young rider onto the 450 for the rest of the 2022 season.

All of the races are on CBS Sports Sunday, so why not hire a FREE team this weekend and take a team Worldwide. Takes five minutes. Check it out.