I am so stoked to announce our 2022 MX GOAT Summer of Pain Tour. The 22MX Champion will win an autographed set of gear from Ricky Carmichael himself as a Grand Prize. The final top 3 teams will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd custom number plates as well as a backpack from ZULZ Bag Co.

Each of the 12 rounds, the top 3 teams will receive prizes Fasthouse & FMF as well as Get Sh!t Done Coffee tumblrs. Each winner will also win a custom designed butt patch from Somnium Racing created with your team name. 

We appreciate each and every one of you who play and support MXD360. We are the original of dirt bike fantasy game. Let's take this outdoors for the 2022 GOAT Summer of Pain Tour. 

The opening round to the 22MX season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend at Fox Raceway in Pala, CA. It's only $12.95 for 12 rounds of our salary based league. So get signed up today & hire your 8 rider team with your $3.5M budget before Saturday's 3pm CT lockout. Good luck!

2022 MX GOAT Summer of Pain Tour

FYI, if you have paid for 22MX but are having problems logging in or being able to hire a team, PLEASE DM me on Facebook, Twitter, IG or email me at dennystephenson1988@gmail.com

I will be on my laptop all day.

Scott, our brains of the operation, is currently traveling. Altho, I can add you manually once I know you have paid. Takes me less than a minute. I just need to know who to add. Thank you for your patience and for playing!