Some random numbers and rankings after 8 motos of the 22MX Summer of Pain Tour. Below shows the top 27 riders and their current per moto average. HOT riders are included with their 10pt bonus. 

Two of the top 3 are not surprisingly the Lawrence Bros, as Jett has yet to finish off the podium. While HFL has two 4ths to go with his two wins.

Four of the top 6 and seven of the top 11 are 450 riders. Led by Sexton, the elder statesmen are clearly much more consistent when it comes to looking for a top 10 day at the races.

The HOT Marchbanks has hit the top 10 bonus in 5 of his 8 motos and sits in 8th with a 17 point average. If the ClubMX rider scores two more top 10 finishes at RedBud next Saturday, look for him to lose his HOT status at RD6 Southwick.

Check out who is currently 10th with a 15.3 point per moto average. The old retired guy Dungey is averaging a 6th for each moto thus far this summer. Talk about a consistent, safe and affordable hire each round. They don't call him the Diesel for nothing. 

The biggest surprise on this list has to be Barcia. Sitting clear down in 17th, with about an 8th place finish each moto. I honestly think the GasGas rider came into round one a little emotionally beat down. 

A normal human being might have taken those Salt Lake boo birds a little personal. Or maybe BamBam just hasnt gotten comfortable on the GasGas. Altho, isn't it the same bike he raced the Nationals on last season? Either way, like Fro, Justin loves himself RedBud. Look for the 51 to rebound with a possible podium or a top 5 at the very least.

Enjoy your weekend off. The grind returns in 8 days. #FantasyMX