I hadn't done one of these in awhile. Here are the Southwick Dollar per Point Values based off of a rider's points earned last Saturday against their MXD360 salary at the Wick338.

The 450 foursome of Anstie, Bloss. Plessinger & Tomac were worth an incredible 190 points alone and were absolute steals on the day. While Marchbanks turned out to be the biggest financial 450 bust scoring only 7 points against a $494,000 salary. The ClubMX rider had an astronomical $80,000 $PPV. 

The 250 class had a bunch of discounted bargains for big points. Led by Thrasher, Hampshire & Cooper while Shimoda wasn't for behind in value. HFL was the biggest 250 bust on the day with only 28 points and a high $PPV of nearly $30,000.

Give these riders and numbers a scan to see what kind of points a rider needs against their weekend salaries to get the most bang for your MXD360 buck. This can be a huge assistance when it comes to hiring your 8 rider team. #FantasyMX