Play 2022 Red Bull Straight Rhythm for FREE!

Drag Race is defined as "a race between two or more over a short distance, usually a quarter of a mile, as a test of acceleration". The Red Bull Straight Rhythm isn't quite as simple. Imagine a full Supercross track staightened out into one long half mile drag strip.

As Red Bull explains it, "Red Bull Straight Rhythm is back for 2022! One of the coolest off-season events returns this year and coincides with the Roland Sands Moto Beach Classic in Huntington Beach. The event will take place October 15, 2022 in Huntington Beach California. 26 riders will compete on 2-strokes and go head-to-head on a half-mile rhythm course on the sandy coast of Huntington Beach."

From RacerX, "There's a 250cc class and a 125cc class (the way it ought to be) and now Red Bull has announced the entry list. Says Red Bull's press release: "The seventh running of the event is the third consecutive ultimate two-strokes only challenge and has reignited nostalgic energy in those longing for braap-braap buzz and the mint smell of pre-mix exhaust wafting through the air."

"The format follows a bracket-form competition with all the riders competing in the Qualifying rounds and the fastest 16 riders from the 250cc class and fastest eight riders from the 125cc class advancing to the main event. While the format remains the same as previous years – a best-of-three race format and each rider getting at least two chances to grab victory – one thing is for certain, the victory is fair game for all riders. In the three years of racing two-strokes only, three different riders have claimed the title with six different finalists in play."

Hire 6 total riders from the 125 & 250 classes. You have 3.5 million dollar budget. Motocross points will be scored from 1st to 16th in the 250 and 1st to 8th in the 125 class. 1st will be 25 points. 22 for 2nd. 20 for 3rd. 18 for 4th. 16 for 5th. And on down in one point increments. As riders are eliminated from each round, their fastest run will break the ties and determine their final finish. There will only be HOT riders in the 250 two stroke class. Score a 10 point bonus if your HOT rider places in the top 10. Basically, if they can make it into round 2 from 16 riders to 8. You are money. 125 riders will be listed under the 250MX banner, while the 250 riders will be listed under 450MX.

Lockout will be 4:30pm CT. Red Bull Straight Rhythm will stream live exclusively on ESPN+ on October 15, with coverage beginning at 2:30 p.m. PST. Then it airs on ESPN (television) at 2:30 p.m East on Sunday (check your listings and set your DVR to be sure).

Six total riders from the 125 & 250 classes. $3.5M budget. Winner take all. This Saturday at the beach. Good luck!

Play 2022 Red Bull Straight Rhythm for FREE!