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2022 is wrapping up, so we are bringing back another Retro SX game. The 1986 & 1996 are two of the most epic seasons from two incredible eras of Supercross.

Each week there will be one randomly selected race from each season, 1986 will be on Tuesday nights. While Thursday nights will be from 1996.

Each week will be a new round and another Supercross round from 1986 & 1996.

86.96 Retro SX Schedule (each race will be randomly selected)

RD1a 1986 SX Tues, Nov 8th, 9pm CT  
RD1b 1996 SX Thurs, Nov 10th, 9pm CT  
RD2a 1986 SX Tues, Nov 15th, 9pm CT  
RD2b 1996 SX Thurs, Nov 17th, 9pm CT
RD3a 1986 SX Tues, Nov 22nd, 9pm CT  
RD3b 1996 SX Thurs, Nov 24th, 9pm CT  
RD4a 1986 SX Tues, Nov 29th, 9pm CT 
RD4b 1996 SX Thurs, Dec 1st, 9pm CT  
RD5a 1986 SX Tues, Dec 6th, 9pm CT  
RD5b 1996 SX Thurs, Dec 8th, 9pm CT 

A five round / ten night / 10 main event game spread over 30 days. We got our weekday Supercross nights back! 

YOU WILL HIRE A NEW 6 RIDER TEAM FOR EACH ROUND. The hiring page will be open following each round from Friday until Tuesday.

Each round will use a two main moto format over each week. 
- One 1986 SX main event
- One 1996 SX main event

40 different riders total from the 1986 & 1996 Supercross seasons to choose from for each round. 

Riders listed in RED are HOT riders. If a HOT rider finishes in the top 10 in either the random 86 or 96 SX race, they will earn a 10 point bonus.

A team will consist of 6 riders with the $3M budget. You DO NOT have to have a 6 rider team. Simply use up all your money & send your team down to the gate.

Play for FREE. Good luck!