During the Covid lock down this past spring, alot of dirt bike fans grew pretty bored with no races. My group of friends were no different. Our usual active text thread had gone a little quiet. So I decided to take advantage of the break and created a flashback game which uses old race results.

 I'm a huge fan of RacerX's The Vault and over the years, have visited the site often to settle arguments or just to check out random old results. We played a handful of games to test out different formats, which eventually led to a MotoXDream360 reboot with my old partners Bret & Scott.

Anyways, enough about all that. Here's a quick look at the Rules & FAQ for The WeBigInc Early 90s.

Let's get down to the basics. 

- We created a flashback game that uses only the 250 (450) main events from the 1990, 91 & 92 SX seasons. 

- We entered every main event from the three seasons into our MXD360 database. For each race, the computer will randomly spit out a race which we will use to score. Just because the races were ran 30 years ago, managers will not know which race is coming up. Only the cloud knows.

- Beginning Monday night, November 9th at 8pm CST, we will drop the gate on our first random race from 90. Wednesday night's race will come from 91 with 92 on Friday night's. A 3 race week will represent 1 round.

- The WeBigInc Early 90s game be 4 rounds, consisting of 12 races over 4 weeks. The final race, from 92, will be Friday night, December 4th.

- Following each round, salaries will be reset to reflect the previous races. The hiring window will be open from Saturday morning until the following Monday evening. Lock out will be Monday's at 8pm cst.

- You must hire a new of team of 8 riders after round. Managers cannot hire the same rider in consecutive rounds. 

- Riders listed in red are considered HOT. If a HOT rider finishes in the top 10, they will receive a 10pt bonus for that race. 

- A team consists of 8 riders under the $3 million salary cap. 

- Original starter salaries are based on a rider's total points earned over the three seasons. (90, 91 & 92) 

We hope this helps explain our upcoming flashback game. It's something we want to add during the week to the upcoming 21SX & 21MX seasons. Say midweek Flashback Wednesday night's. 

Let us know what you think and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your busy weekly schedules to play and for selecting MotoXDream360.