Race day!

Race day!

Race day!

Altho before we jump into tonight's Race2 and wherever our Wednesday night retro 1991 takes us, we want to congratulate our first Camel Gold plate holder, Ravage Racing.

Ravage raced to the opening event victory in San Diego '90 at the old Jack Murphy's Stadium and in the process, takes the early points lead over the 2nd and 3rd place teams, JG23 & WolfeXercising11 who rounded off the SD podium. I hope they had a chance to say hi to Jill & Darby!

Ravage had an incredible team for San Diego '90. 7 of his 8 riders landed inside the top 10 along with Dean Matson in 11th. Add in Johnny O & RJ's HOT top 10 finishes with their 20pts in bonuses, Ravage was damn near perfect with 134pts.

His only rider to score zero points was Fred Andrews, who was leading his Semi until the Ohio rider suffered a mechanical issue and was forced to pull off. 

The true landmine of the night in San Diego 30 years ago was Bayle's elbow injury, Damon's crash and DNF, and Wardy's loop out into the infield. Two iconic crashes that have been played over and over throughout the years and definitely shaped the rest of the 1990 Camel SX series.

As well as our MXD360 WeBigInc game. Any team who had all three of these riders for round 1 will be forced to fight the remaining 11 races from the back of the pack. But, that's why we span three seasons. Our theory is, it will all even out in the end. 

So with success in 90 also leads to some weaknesses come tonight's race from 1991 and Friday night's 1992 event. O'Show only scored points in 1990, Ricky's wrist only gets worse and Dean's best season was definitely 90. Like I said above, with 3 seasons over each round, there's going to be alot of highs & lows for every team manager playing.

The gate drops tonight at 8pm CST on a 1991 Camel SX round... somewhere, in some stadium. Only the MXD360 database knows! 

We're still working on the ability to host a viewing party, so we can all watch to the races together and talk some shit. I can't promise we will have it up and ready tonight, but stick with us. Good luck to everyone and THANK YOU for playing!