The 24MX Summer of Pain Tour has finally arrived. Get signed up today! The opener is only days away.

Our 2024 rendition of Summer of Pain will drop the gate just about an hour north of San Diego, California at Fox Raceway. Lots of interesting storylines going into National opening round.

Beginning with the newly crowned SX titleholders in Jett Lawrence (450SX), RJ Hampshire (250SX West), & Tom Vialle (250SX East). The three will now set their sights on what is poised to be a thrilling summer of competition alongside a star-studded field of international talent during the 53rd season of AMA Pro Motocross.

From AMA Pro Motocross, "A total of 11 rounds & a combined 44 motos await at the sport’s most hallowed grounds, where the sleeping giants of American motocross’ most storied venues will once again be awakened for the grueling and prestigious journey to see which two riders will hoist the coveted Edison Dye Cup (450 Class) and Gary Jones Cup (250 Class) at season’s end."

24MX Triple Crown Rounds will take place at rounds 3 (Thunder Valley), 6 (RedBud) & 9 (Unadilla). These will add to a Summer of exciting weekends. Full of racing. 40-rider gates. And the sport’s ultimate battle of man, machine & Mother Nature for another incredible summer of the Pro Motocross.

The 11-round campaign will travel to 10 different states. It's time. As our friend Ian Riley, who was the frist to say, "Let’s take it outside!"

Get siged up today to play MXD360's 24MX Summer of Pain. The opening round to the season kicks off May 25th weekend at Fox Raceway in Pala, CA. It's only $8.99 for 11 rounds of our salary based league. So get signed up today & hire your four 250MX & four 450MX rider team, with your $3.5M budget.

  • One 8 rider team, four 250 riders, four 450 riders.
  • All 8 riders must fit under the $3.5 million salary cap. If you go big in the 450, you won't have much budget left for the 250. Or the other way around. So spend wisely.
  • You have until the beginning of the first moto to hire your team of 8 riders. Which usually means, 1pm local time of that particular event. In other words, make sure & follow the qualifying times to see who's turning the fastest laps before putting the final touches on your 8 rider team.
  • The salary of a rider WILL CHANGE for each round. Their weekly results will help determine their salary for the following round.
  • Simply click on the rider you want and their salary is automatically added, giving you the total and how much you have left to spend.
  • You cannot hire riders two races in a row. Example, you hire Sexton & Ferrandis for RD1 Pala, you cannot select them again until RD3. Basically, once you pick a rider, they will not be availble the next race. So decide on a strategy.
  • Each of the 250 and 450 main events will count towards your OA score each round.
  • Riders listed in Red are considered HOT riders. A HOT rider will receive a 10pt bonus if he finishes inside the top 10 of any moto. Example, an 8th place main event finish is worth 13pts, however if the rider is HOT, he will receive 23pts for that main event.
  • Any ties in the game will be broken by the final 450 score from the most recent race. The team manager with the highest 450 OA score will win. If still tied, it will fall back to the highest scoring 450 rider..