Race day!
Race day!
Race day!
That's right, the Finale of our WeBigInc Early 90s series is upon us tonight. 4 rounds with 11 races has led us tonight to a random city and stadium somewhere during the 1992 season.

And just like Joey Savatgy & Zach Osborne at the 2017 Vegas finale, our game is going down to the last corner of the last lap. Jreed530 & myself head into Race12 tied in points. 

Now I have to admit, I never intend to win my own games. And honestly, in all the years playing with my buddies on the text thread with our pen & paper leagues, I rarely won shit. So I'm not exactly sure how the hell I ended up tied for the points lead going into tonight's last race.

Looks like I already have our friends league locked up so I am in it to win it people! I lived the 90s so look out Jreed530, I will go for the knock down block pass tonight. But then again, who will be Osborne and who will be Savatgy?

We each have Cooper, Bradshaw and the HOT Dubach. So those three are a push. It's basically going to come down to my Kiedrowski vs his Stanton. Edge to 6-time & Jreed530. My Larocco vs his Larry Ward. Edge to The Rock. I have RJ, but he's out of 92SX, while he has Naumec, Matson & Kehoe. And last but not least, I have both McGrath & Swink for tonights 92 main event. Both were 125 riders that season but they also each raced the 250 class on opposite coasts of their 125s. Swink rode some out West while MC did the same back East. I hedged my bet with these two. Figuring at least one of these HOT 125 riders has to have a good 250 main. So we will see what happens.

Then there's the rest of the top 5 who still have a shot at the title. JLR Racing dropped from the top spot down to 3rd and now trails by 9 points. Altho he's going to have tough go with only three top riders and 5 HOT riders. Plus JLR has 4 of the same riders as Jreed. His season is going to depend on Lamson, Craig & Dowd tonight. And a good draw. Which could be said for everyone.

Congratulations to our Race11 winner, a friend of MXD360, Chex448. The Race Tech marketing genius and one of the 4 Assholes & the Casual Fan as well as his article Chex Mix, Checkerz finally got his act together and put together a winning team. Led by the HOT duo of RJ & Dubach and a 3rd place Chicken, Chex448 took the win at the 1991 Anaheim.

Finally, it's Team Hurricane who is leading RD4. After 1990 Pontiac & 1991 Anaheim, it's the Hurricane with a slight 2 point edge over Pitmx1. The winner of each of the four rounds wins a Camel WeBigInc jersey. 

As you can see, despite only having one race left, there are still battles raging throughout the game. So with that said, get ready to grab a cold Coors Light and a smooth Camel and stay tuned for the announcement of Race12 Finale of The WeBigInc Early 90s!

WeBigInc Early 90s
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1) 908 Jreed530 [5]
1) 908 dbo360 [2]
3) 899 JLR Racing [1]
4) 891 BadAss23 [7]
5) 884 Tfrank223 [17]
6) 869 KAMIKAZE [15]
6) 869 buttethvac [3]
8) 867 Irr717 [21]

8) 867 TheJoeCool [7]

8) 867 BadBoyClub Racing [4]