For the 2018 season, RacerX expanded their Supercross Preview Show tp four different episodes. Give one or all four a watch to get an idea of what to look forward to this coming 21SX Preseason game. The next four Wednesday nights will be dedicated to the 2018 season.

We also broke down the top 10 from the '18 season to give you a better idea of who to hand a one week contract to or who you should leave in the truck. A 2019 breakdown and preview arriving  Monday morning.

RacerX 2018 Supercross Preview Show : Episode 1 : Who's Next

RacerX 2018 Supercross Preview Show : Episode 2 : Contenders Wanted

RacerX 2018 Supercross Preview Show : Episode 3 : Who's Mystery Men

RacerX 2018 Supercross Preview Show : Episode 4 : Changes are Coming

• Fresh off a 4th place in the 2017 SX season, Anderson comes out swinging in 2018 to win the title. JA wins 4 mains along with 15 top 5s. His worst finish of the season was a 17th when he broke a wheel. 

Musquin also scores 15 top 5s with 4 wins but has one DNF on the season. Marv ends up losing the title by only 9pts to Anderson.

Tomac once again wins the most races of the season with 7. Altho he shits the bed with 2 DNFs and a 15th. It's Bradshaw from the Early 90s all over again. 

Baggett lays down 16 top 10 finishes to go with 6 top 4s on the 17 round season.

Brayton finishes 5th in the 2018 season. Similar to Baggett, Justin scores 15 top 10s, 6 top 4s and his first SX win of his career. 

Peick has a fantastic SX season in 2018. 12 top 7 finishes to go with a 10th,  two 12ths & one DNF.

Wilson misses two races but ends the year with 10 top 10s. Deano scores a career best 2nd. 

Tickle laid down 10 top 10s in 2018 as well as 3 top 5s. Unfortunately for his team managers, he also missed 4 races. 

Webb continued to battle with the YZ450 in '18 finishing 9th in points. He did manage 10 top 10 finishes on the season. Altho he did have a 19th, a DNF and missed 4 rounds. 

• Rounding out the top 10, Barcia, like Wilson, Tickle & Webb, also puts up 10 tops 10s on the season to go with 5 top 5s. But also like Webb, BamBam misses multiple races. A 7 week stretch of 0 points.