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March 27, 2017 12:55pm


Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM teammates Blake Baggett and Davi Millsaps are absolutely in the hunt every weekend, with podium-level speed and impressive consistency lately, as well. In Detroit, Millsaps ran third for most of the race and made Ryan Dungey work hard to get the spot, while Baggett came from way back to close in on both. On the last lap, Baggett slipped past Millsaps to get fourth. It was a furious 20 minutes plus one lap.

We talked to them about it when they came to the post-race press conference.


Racer X: You were pretty far back.
Blake Baggett: Yeah, I was buried.

What happened?
I went to Chicago and the race was in Detroit. I had a long ways to go! I took I-94 the wrong way.

Okay, no one will admit this, but come on, do you get tired by the end of these races? It’s coming down to the last lap and you’re charging hard from the back the whole time. Are you on the edge, or the limit, physically?
No. When it’s going your way, you can just start that timer over again.

Come on. You passed Davi on the last lap?

Are you breathing hard and pushing?
I’m sure you’re breathing hard, but at that point you just get into a zone and you don’t feel anything, you’re just going.

Does that happen only in races? Does that happen during the week?
It happens during the week, yeah. The last five laps, you’re just going.

But does your heart rate monitor say you’re really, really working hard?
Well, I’d have to wear a heart rate monitor first!

You don’t ever?

Okay, so did you know what position you were in as you were coming through?
I had to be like 12th and then ninth. But if you’re not in first, you just keep going.

Where did you make your passes?
The whoops and the dragon’s backs. The whoops is where I got Davi.

You were not far back from Marv [Marvin Musquin] and Dunge [Ryan Dungey]. Did you see them?
I saw Dunge yeah, I knew I was catching those guys for sure. I didn’t look for Marv, but I knew I was catching them until I made the mistake in the sand and lost two seconds. But still, I was right there.

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