Congratulations to Roostzilla on their 21SX Preseason RD1 Race1 win at the 2017 Detroit Supercross. His 8 rider team was led by a 2nd & 3rd, Musquin and Dungey along with the HOT trio of Millsaps, Tickle & Grant, who all three hit the 10pt bonus.

Canard, who scored points in only 6 races of the 2017 season before retiring at the end of the year, turned out to be the best bargain of the opening night with his 11th in the Motor City for only a $48k contract.

One race of 12 is in the books. Roostzilla carries the Red Plate and 136pts into Race2 tonight. The gate drops somewhere in the 2018 season at 7pm CST. Good luck!