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The Conversation Tomac, Anderson & Musquin

March 18, 2018 12:25pm

by Chase Stallo

Racer X: Marvin, earlier today in qualifying, the track seemed pretty packed and you guys were all pretty aggressive. At night, it seemed a little looser, loamier. Can you kind of take us through that transition and if that was something that you kind of noticed being out there, if you actually felt that on the bike?
Marvin Musquin: Well, St. Louis always has that really good dirt, that orange dirt. It’s awesome. The track guys, they did a great job getting the track fixed a couple times. It was definitely a good day. I enjoyed it a lot riding on that dirt. The track was definitely tough during the main. The whoops were really chewed out and we were able to jump through it. The rest was pretty rutted and some kickers out there. It’s good to be safe after a main like that and a track like that. I’m glad I’m here and third on the podium.

Jason, congratulations. I know you’re managing a championship right now, but you also have personal goals and races you want to win. How hard is that management when you’re behind Eli in the early laps and you’re wanting to win, but you’re also having to kind of maintain something?
Jason Anderson: For sure, I really want to win some races before the season’s over. I don’t want it in my head to manage it at all. Tonight, I started out second right behind Eli and he had some of those sections, like that triple in the back and stuff like that that he was nailing every lap. He was nailing that quad and turn and three over. I honestly just didn’t have it in me. I felt like if I kept trying to do some of those lines, that it could bite me. This is one of those times to where sometimes you have to swallow your pride a little bit. But at the same time, Eli was just savage. He was crushing us. Hopefully come back next weekend and battle for that win again.

Eli, congratulations. In the heat race you kind of made some moves early, and then got a little stuck there in third and didn’t really seem to find your rhythm fully, but in the main event it was something completely different. Was that just the result of being out front, having that clear track early? Or were there some things maybe you found in between the heat and the main?
Eli Tomac: I didn’t change anything. It was just starting out front. It’s amazing what clean air can do sometimes. It felt like that’s kind of where I should have been all day. We brought it to the main. It was a fun track. The dirt is, I think, the best on the circuit. Had a good time on my dirt bike tonight.

Eli, I want to congratulate you on your 18th career win and also Kawasaki’s 150th win in supercross. That’s courtesy of Ben Bridges. I want to ask you to talk about that clean air. Before the starting line drops, do you say in your mind, if I get the holeshot, I’m going to pull the trigger and I’m doing that quad into that corner, because that’s where you gapped Jason right away. You had a big lead already if you did that.
Tomac: Yeah. You try to do your best to visualize that. That just comes with confidence and just how kind of the day goes. You want to go in there with a level head, but at the same time, you want to visualize yourself going in there first. I just was feeling it. I knew if you did get those combos, you could make a little break like that. It ended up happening.

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