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March 19, 2018 11:05am

by Jason Weigandt

“Survival series now, that’s what it seems like. Survival supercross series.” That was Blake Baggett to our Steve Matthes after the St. Louis main event. Baggett is dealing with a wrist/hand injury suffered in Atlanta. While he says he’s just trying to survive the races, a racer’s instinct always kicks in once he’s on the track. He found himself behind Weston Peick on Saturday night in a battle for fifth, and he did not back off one bit. These two went at it! 

“It was a good race, he was riding really well,” Peick said to Matthes. “I started about tenth and passed a few guys. We’re coming off riding with injuries and whatnot. He was on me, so I just rode my race. I had some faster sections and he has his faster sections. All night I felt comfortable. Track was good, dirt was good, it was a fun layout.”

There was no practical reason for Baggett to attack Peick so hard. Considering the injury, a sixth or seventh would have been fine, but he poured his heart into the race and took chances, anyway. Any position is worth fighting for.

“I just pretty much didn’t have the grip strength,” Baggett said. “I think my hand came off three or four times.”

Baggett pulled up behind Peick on lap four and shadowed him until lap 11, when Peick passed Broc Tickle. Baggett got Tickle on lap 13. On it raged through the 21st lap, with Baggett trying to find a way around. For several laps, it looked like a pass was inevitable, as Baggett applied relentless pressure. This time it was Peick showing the mettle—he never let Baggett through, despite seeing an orange fender on him in seemingly every corner. 

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