Courtesy of RacerX

March 20, 2018 9:15am

by Jason Thomas


The photo of Justin Brayton below is in the long rhythm section after the start. The main line here was double-double-triple-quad. The first two doubles were very slow and riders had to be patient through them. The next triple was also very important to time exactly right so all of the possible drive could be attained for the big quad into the turn. If you missed the triple short or long by even a few feet, the quad was impossible.

In this photo, Justin is in the air over the triple before the quad. He seat-bounced the triple and looks like he is coming up a little shorter than he wanted. This forward lean and pulling of the handlebars will give him a tiny bit more distance and hopefully still allow him to quad out. Similar to BMX, picking up on the bike can make small differences that make or break the timing in a section. He is gripping with his knees as he pulls up and forward, doing everything he can to get another foot or two. Notice how his feet are also off the pegs. That’s because of his pull upward and also in hopes of the bike flying further. He isn’t in danger of a crash here, more just trying to make sure he is in the exact spot he wants for the upcoming quad.


Tyler Bowers is shown below mid-air over the triple. This triple had a left-hand turn immediately following the landing. He is setting up for the turn while still in the air so he can maximize his efficiency. His left leg is already out to help him turn sooner, his finger is on the clutch, and he is in the process of sliding forward to gain leverage on the front end. If he had jumped a tiny bit short or long, he wouldn’t be in this position. He can only set up like this if he nails the jump perfectly, so this is all mid-air decision.

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