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March 21, 2018 11:30am

by Steve Matthes

Yeah, St. Louis Supercross! Round 11 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross took place under the arch, and it’s a round that we in the media like to joke about. If you’re still going to the races in St. Louis, then you’re “real media.” Everyone wants to go to Anaheim. Everyone wants to go to Las Vegas. When the New Jersey race outside of New York City popped up, suddenly everyone had the travel budget to go there. St. Louis? No one seems to beg for press passes for that one. Unfortunately for Jason Weigandt, this means he’s out because he didn’t even go this year. Yeah, that’s right, DC knows I could be trusted with such a valuable assignment.

Okay, look, a lot of you want to get into the motocross pits in some capacity. I hear it all the time on social media, in emails, or calls to the PulpMX Show, whether it’s working with a rider, being on a team, or the easiest way in—being a media member. Think about it: There are no credentials other than starting a blog or podcast to cover the sport, and I guess a strong opinion about things that happen on the track. It’s not hard, and yes, I know that I am a media guy.

But you REALLY want to be a media guy? You REALLY want to get deep into the pits and find out what’s going on? Well, you’re in luck. I tracked my movements all day long in St. Louis, made some notes, and I’ll let you in on my day in the The Dome at America’s Center. Be warned, though—it’s not all pretty.

I stayed downtown so I was able to walk down to the dome. I went without a rental car this weekend. And because I flew with Dragon/Arioh/Rockstar/Scosche/Jason Anderson’s agent Kenny Adams (lesson number one: Lots of people have lots of jobs in the moto industry), he picked up the cab fare to the hotel. I was just out the $25 bucks from hotel to airport on Sunday morning. Jason Weigandt would be so proud of me.

[Editor’s Note: Cab? Why not Uber? —Weigandt]

I arrived at the dome right around track walk time so the pits were pretty empty. Knowing this, I decided to head up to the press box to get situated and start watching practice/tweeting out reports. St. Louis is one of the highest press boxes on the circuit. The riders look like ants and it all looks so easy from up there.

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RacerX 2018 St Louis Observations