As we head into tonight's final race of RD1, we have a new team manager carrying the Red Plate into our 2019 main event. BigB116 placed 9th with 110pts at our 2017 Detroit opener and followed that up Weds night in Race2 with 107pts and a 7th in the 2018 St Louis. 

BigB116's team is led by Tomac's perfect 1-1 at Detroit & St Louis, for 50pts along with a HOT Broc Tickle and his two 7th place finishes. That's two 10pt bonuses for the top 10s which is a solid 48pts. Broc came into the 21SX Season as the top ranked HOT rider with a $334k salary to go with his 17 top 10s over the three seasons and the Michigan rider has not disappointed. 

However I spot one problem with BigB116's team as we prepare to drop the gate on 2019, he only has 2 riders who raced that season. Tomac & Anderson. And Jason was limited to 3 races that season due to injury. In other words, the 116 is going to have his work cut out for him tonight. 

Nonetheless, for another hour, the Red Plate belongs to BigB116. Good luck, where ever we end up in 2019 at 7pm CST. And as always, thanks for playing!