We wrapped up RD1 last night with the 2019 San Diego mudder. And as we're beginning to learn, when we mix three different seasons into a single round of racing, the point standings a one helluva roller coaster ride for the week. If you can survive with decent points on two of the night's and hit big on one season, you can survive and make a run up the leaderboard. Let's take a closer look at three longtime friends & their teams.

Check out MXD360 rookie Eric Johnson & his EJMonster team (26th / 227pts) ending RD1 all the way up at 26th! His very first time hiring a team and the legendary moto historian is already mixing it up near the top 25. EJ is the only team I've seen that went big with both Tomac & Musquin. That's nearly $2mill in salary right there with only a million and some change left to fill out the remaining 6 contracts. But he made it work with HOT riders Peick, Malcolm & Plessinger. 

An impressive first round despite having John Short & Taft score zero points for him. If Barcia would have had just a little bit of luck with the chosen races, the 51 could have been a game changer. But instead, we saw BamBam score only 10pts over the three main events. It'll be interesting to see who Eric hires for RD2.

@dcracerx (37th / 218pts) is into his second game at MXD360 & I just noticed Davey also dropped two thirds of his salary on the top two of ET & Marv. Considering the #3 and the #25 were only 2pts away from a perfect week & avoided a few of their landmines thru a fortunate three race draw, this was again, money well spent. One thing DC still needs a little work on are his HOT riders as only one of his 6, Peick, hit the 10pt bonus. On the other hand, all 6 scored points & Friese earned points in all three races with a 16th, 12th & 11th place finishes. Each & every race, David has improved & looks to be figuring this game out little by little.

XGames legend @mattbuyten (24th / 222pts) represents the other end of the spectrum. The multi time Step-Up Gold medalist is a part of our group thread who helped develop, test & play these salary games from the very beginning. Altho, let's be honest, he still sucks. 🤣  I mean he's starting Jalen Hurts for the playoffs in our fantasy football league! And for the third time now, B10 chose the Eli / Marvin combo pack as well. He also picked up the 2017 SX Champ Dungey. No question a solid hire but with Ryan only racing one season out of the three, he had a healthy price for the opening week. Then again, his worst finish was a 4th with 13 podium finishes. So there's no question you know what you're getting with Dungey and you're paying for his consistency. 

B10 also found success with the HOT duo of Millsaps & Peick, who each scored 7th place finishes for 28pts. And last but certainly not least, the bargain of RD1 turned out to be the Oklahoma Assassin, Trey Canard. Trey was an incredible bargain at only $48k but also incredibly risky considering he only earned 51pts in the 2017 season before getting injured & retiring. I honestly had almost forgot the career Honda rider raced a Red Bull / KTM. Canard just missed the 10pt bonus with an 11th for 10pts at '17 Detroit.

Well there you have it. Three team managers with completely different MXD360 experience, yet with similar game plans and a variety of HOT riders filling out their 8 rider teams. RD2 is where shit gets interesting.