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February 4, 2019 3:00pm

by Jason Thomas

We have changed the format to Breakdown this year. The Racer X staff will pose some burning questions from the weekend and I'll take my best crack at them.

All of these opinions are my own and usually in stark contrast to anything Steve Matthes would believe.

Does the lack of practice time really matter?

It can go both ways. In a situation like Saturday night, it wouldn't really matter for most because the track is so muddy. The riders aren't jumping big combinations or searching for the fastest lines. The mud eliminates all of that and makes it much more about avoiding the crash or mechanical failure that can ruin a race.

If the rain doesn’t come, though, and riders get a decent racetrack, it definitely matters. The riders that can mentally sort through the different track options quickly will have the advantage. There is less video to study and the track just hasn’t been worked in quite yet. The elite riders might be able to still put a big rhythm together during the main event that the one practice didn’t allow. James Stewart was great at this. When there is less data and video to draw from, the more adaptable riders tend to succeed.

How crazy is it to be doubling and even tripling in these conditions?

It’s impressive, no doubt. Every time a rider commits to a triple in sloppy mud, there is always that moment of truth where full trust is put in the tires to stick during hard acceleration. If the rider spins or cross ruts after he is committed, bad things are almost always going to happen. It’s risk/reward but if you can put together even the most basic of double jumps, the finish line jump, and throw in a triple, you can gain multiple seconds per lap on your rivals.

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